5 Reasons Why Downloading Gets Better With Seedbox

Whether you have a requirement to download huge size files or just love to download and seed torrents in general, seedbox is an essential item for you. It makes the task of downloading better in every way possible.

We all know how challenging it gets when it comes to downloading torrent files from online. the sluggish connectivity, chances of privacy threat and tons of other issues are always involved when torrenting. However, all your problems could be fixed with a remote hosting server – seedbox.

Below we have listed some reasons why the task of downloading gets better with this remotely hosted server. Give it a read and make your decision to bring home a seedbox.

1.    Really fast speed

Let’s face the real situation here, it takes forever to download files with your home connectivity. Especially if you want huge sized files to download. Even if you have great network connectivity, at certain points of time your speed will be limited. However, with a seedbox installed you can get really fast speed to download or seed your files.

One of the reasons why your home internet speed is cut back is due to high traffic. Your ISP keeps a track of your traffic and limits the speed if you use too much. But with a seedbox there are no limitations. You can download as much as you need. Your downloaded files are saved right on the server itself which can be dedicated or virtual.

2.    Assured privacy

Privacy and security of your data becomes a prime concern when it comes to downloading torrent files. However, you can give yourself a rest and secure yourself from exposing your IP address and other activities by getting a seedbox. Yeah! That’s right. This server gives you assured privacy no matter what.

In fact, there are several dedicated seedbox servers that come pre-installed with VPN. It does an excellent job in masking your home IP address and keeping your identity anonymous. Also, with your seedbox account you’ll be logging in safely and proceed with your torrenting activities.

3.    Server space

Yet another challenge that we all face when downloading torrent files is the space that it takes up in your computer. Most users suffer from a lack of space when downloading huge torrent files. However, that issue would be totally resolved once you install and use seedbox when torrenting.

Getting a seedbox comes along with seedbox hosting plans that offer varying storage space to save your files. You can download and save your files right on your server freeing up your computer’s disk storage space for other use. You’ll never run out of space to download huge files when torrenting.

4.    Play the downloaded files on any device

Once you start using seedbox, you get the freedom of playing your downloaded files on any device you want. Most of the seedbox server comes with streaming apps such as Plex or Emby which helps you stream files on literally any device.

You access these files from a Windows or Linux OS as well. Along with that you get tons of other benefits of using Plex. Make sure you checkout these apps before choosing and installing a seedbox server.

5.    Comes with all the applications

If you are one of those users who likes to have flexibility with the files then make sure you choose a seedbox that comes loaded with a lot of applications. Well, even the cheapest seedbox offers you apps that help to make the most out of it.

A lot of dedicated seedbox servers come with an easy one-click installation button. Hence, you can install them easily and use them as many times as you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your downloading task better with the help of seedbox now. Choose the best one, install and use for relentless download activities online.

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