7 Qualities You Should Look For In Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Everyone knows that a critical official task needs your maximum attention. When you are not feeling comfortable while working, you won’t be able to pay attention to your work. Therefore, while choosing office chairs for yourself or your employees, you need to consider the comfort. An ideal chair supports your back and does not harm your health. Moreover, its seating gives you maximum comfort.

Listed below are some top qualities that you should look for while buying an office chair:

Height adjustability

Does your chair enable you to adjust the height as per your requirements? If not, you should replace it with a chair that allows you to adjust the height to your convenience and comfort. If you want to avail optimal comfort, the chair’s height should be adjusted to your own height while sitting on the chair. Moreover, you can find a pneumatic adjusted lever that can let you bring the seat higher up or lower. Some chairs are too hard to adjust. You should always avoid this kind of chair.

Backrests adjustability

You should easily posit your backrest in a way that is suitable for your requirements. Chairs having their backrest attached to the seat can enable you to move the seat backward or forward. A good chair should have a locking mechanism. Such a mechanism can keep the seat in its place to refrain your back from tilting backward suddenly. If the backrest is not connected to the chair seat, the seat must be height adjustable. In such cases, you should be allowed to angle it as per your body position and requirement. 

Lumbar support

Some office chairs have a contoured backrest that gives support to your back and provides you with comfort. You should choose a shape that is suitable for the contour of your natural spine. An ideal chair will always provide lumbar support. Your lower back needs support in a specific way- it should be a little arched all the time so that you don’t feel uneasy as the time passes. You should get the lumbar support at a point when you need it the most. 

Sufficient depth and width

Your office chair seat should have enough depth, and it must be broader. If you are not so tall, you need a shallower seat. You should sit with your back against the backrest, and your chair must have almost two to four inches between your knee-back and the seat of your office chair. Also, you should be allowed to adjust the tilt of the seat forward or backward; however, it will depend on your setting preferences.

Breathable material and comfortable padding

You need a material that can let your body breathe while sitting on the chair for a long time. Fabric can be the best bet. The padding of your chair must be comfortable to sit on. You should always avoid buying a seat that is either too soft or too hard. A hard seat will cause pain after a few hours, while a soft one will fail to provide the necessary support.


Chairs having armrests relieves your neck and shoulders. The armrests should be adjustable, and they should let your arms rest while working for hours.

Adjustment controls

You should ensure that you can reach all adjustment controls while sitting on the chair. You should be allowed to tilt, go higher or lower, or swivel from a seated position. When you use quality office chairs, you can quickly get the height and tilt the right while sitting on them.

If you think that spending time on buying a chair makes no sense, you will regret it later. If the chair is not ideal for being seated for long hours, both your work and health will be affected. So, you should always choose a perfect office chair.


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