9 Effective Ways To Reduce mistakes In PPC Ads

  1. Make Sure Your Campaign Settings Are Right!
  • Always disable the displace network unless you have a good reason.

In the default setting when creating a new Google ads campaign to display both the search and display network. In-display network you can help to increase visibility for your ads quickly.

  • We can check targeting people location. In every campaign has advanced settings which allow you to target location right people in the chosen location.
  1. People show interest in your targeting location.
  2. People who located in your targeting location.
  3. People search for your targeting location.
  • Choose the correct bidding strategy or Google will select automated bidding strategies as a default.
  • Pay attention should be a rotation option or either Google optimize for the best performing ads.
  1. Remove Non-Converting Keywords

A quick efficient way to save money on Google Ads is to turn off keywords which gnificant amount of money but never got reach. Just wait for 60 to 90 days period if that keyword doesn’t bring reach to remove the keyword and search for the different keywords and spend the user to the more relevant landing page.

  1. Ensure You Tracking Everything Correctly

It’s very important that tracking is not set up correctly; we can’t see whether all the conversions are coming from the same account because it fully optimizes your campaigns. That’s why tracking is very important. It will help you achieve better results and show you which parts you should worth focusing on and where to reduce the waste of spending time.

List of few things to tracking

  • Target the right people
  • Target on most of your customers based
  • Use the right keywords for your business
  • Select what keywords or ads turned into an enquiry
  • And many more,etc..
  1. Use Bid Modifiers (Ad Schedule, Locations, Demographics & Devices)
  • You can make bid adjustment based on your location, device, day, week, month, specific time and household monthly or annual income.
  • This is more useful if your service is getting more customers from a certain city. For example, you can bid device adjustment if you whether the website gets more traffic from a certain device and you can adjust bids accordingly and make sure whether it is desktop, tablet or mobile.
  1. Review Search Query Reports

Keywords are the words or phrase that you are bidding must be exact matches, phase matches or broad matches. The exact words when the customers type or search when they see your ads.

  1. Scripts

The other way to reduce the spend amount in your account. Scripts are a great way to automate procedures on the account or interact with external data.

  • You can remove underperforming ads.
  • Pausing exact keywords with low quality score.
  • Identify errors with the landing pages and many others.
  • It helps us to save time and money on the underperforming tasks and spend more time on the changes will get you better results.
  1. Use Negative Keywords
  • Adding negative keywords is not always used as a result. 
  • If the exact keywords didn’t bring any traffic to domain (website) spending more money on the keywords is waste. So, don’t waste money on negative keywords and focus on the keywords that get more number of clicks through rates and brining best quality customers to your site.
  • Sometimes you may add the negative keywords before setting the campaign
  1. Verify Your Findings

If you have got loads of traffic on your site. It will help to define the worthless search terms. The parameters you use to access your results, the sort of data analysis can provide and more budget and deserve attention or elimination.

  1. Create an effective landing page experience
  • I select these points to be last as usual and it takes the most time and effort.
  • However read this, it can boost your pay per clip results!
  • Look at the way your ads should be on a landing page that people come to your site on your landing page only. Therefore build your home page more importance otherwise your competitors will get more sites instead compare to your site. So, choose more relevant landing page ads for your homepage.    
  •  If you are a Pay per click manager working in an agency or company, you are probably can’t do much yourself and your reply on your client to improve your land page experience with the help of search engine optimization, but it is worth to having those conversations as it can help improve your ads performance in the long term. It is not much in-depth about what the best landing page should look like, it is about based tips of landing page for your domain (or) website.
Basant Kumar
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