Alcohol Addiction – Find Help at a Virginia Drug Rehab before it Destroys Your Marriage


If you think your spouse will give up drinking on his own, even when you know he is addicted, you are just fooling yourself. Alcohol use disorder isn’t something that just goes away on its own. 

You may stay positive for years thinking that it will resolve by itself, but a time will come when you find it invading your peace and happiness. 

What to do if your spouse suffers from alcohol addiction – where to get help in Virginia

Alcohol addiction can be cured provided you are able to change your perspective and approach towards this condition. You can seek medical help instead of trying to tackle it independently. 

Sooner or later, the symptoms will get worse, and if your spouse is forced to quit alcohol suddenly, he will experience withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms can be hard to ignore or deal with. This is when you should seek help at a drug rehab in Virginia that you can trust. 

Remember it is never your responsibility to cure your husband’s addiction. Treatment has to be undertaken by professionals for him to get better again, and this could take a long time.

How is alcohol addiction treated in Virginia?

Treatment for alcohol addiction at a drug detox in Virginia will involve medications, counseling, and support groups. Treatment is never easy and it may not work always the first time. 

You will notice that your spouse may have contemplated often about abstaining from alcohol, but hasn’t been able to do it.

This is because substance abuse disorder isn’t easy to get rid of. You have to be as patient as your husband when it comes to treating alcoholism. 

Even if the first intervention fails, never blame yourself. Keep trying to convince him to change; the fastest recovery happens in those who are willing to change.

Methods of treating alcohol addiction in a drug detox in Virginia

The right method of treatment will depend on your spouse’s existing situation. Usually, a combination of treatments is recommended for a comprehensive and quick recovery.

When you find a good addiction treatment center in Virginia, you will see these offer both residential and outpatient programs. In an outpatient program, the addict visits the clinic for medications and counseling but is free to stay at home.

For the more severe cases, inpatient treatment is recommended. Here, detox is done as the first stage of treatment for alcohol addiction. 

The idea is to help the addict become sober and flush out the alcohol from his system. This can take a few days during which you will be under round-the-clock monitoring and supervision by doctors and rehab staff.

Most alcoholics seek treatment when they start experiencing withdrawal symptoms like tremors, seizures, and hallucinations. During this period, doctors watch you carefully and prescribe medications to ease the symptoms.

Once detox is over, the addict will be asked to meet a therapist for learning skills to detect triggers and cope with his cravings. Without continuous counseling, he cannot hope to stay sober.

Some people can benefit from focused short counseling sessions. Others may need one-on-one counseling for dealing with coexisting mental conditions like depression and anxiety. Since alcoholism can impact the entire family, it’s important for you to attend couples therapy or family therapy sessions.

Sobriety is hard work and your spouse needs to put in a lot of effort to overcome his addiction. He can however do this better and faster with unflinching support from you.


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