Best Attractions in Singapore You Can’t Miss

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So you have made an irreversible decision to tour Singapore on your next weekend vacation? If so, congratulations on making such a rewarding decision.

Now the next thing you should be working on is a list of the things you will embark on once you land in the otherwise ‘magnificent country’. But considering that you may have never been here before, deciding what to do and see once you land can be mind-nagging.

Fortunately, we have been there before and have experienced the most fantastic Singapore activities that are not to be missed by both new and returning visitors. They include:

1. The Singapore Fryer

Your trip to Singapore can never be termed as complete if you dare leave without experiencing the Singapore Fryer. This is an observation wheel that rises to 165m high and it’s the largest one in the entire Asia region.

The reason why you must experience this wheel is simply that it lets you watch the entire city from above – you get a birds-eye view of every part of the city.

2. Universal Studios

Another place that you must tour while on your weekend vacation to Singapore is the Universal Studio located in the ever-thrilling region of Singapore –the Sentosa Island. You will appreciate your time particularly if you bring your family with you.

There are very many activities to do here – for example,

– watching the various entertainment activities organized here,

– doing shopping from the many shops

– Trying out meals at the many restaurants, and cafes in the region

– Taking photos for your social media accounts etc.

3. Botanic Gardens

Take it to the nearest bank that there is no other charming botanical garden to compare with the one you will encounter in Singapore. What will wow you here is the charm and palatable greens of this destination.

Being the 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country, the garden boasts of infrequent and endemic species of alien flora that every nature lover must-see.

Besides, this botanical garden also features several lakes with swans and ducks that you and your family will enjoy watching.

4. The Chinatown

If you are looking for a must see Singapore attractions filled with excitement, go straight to ChinaTown. The bustling destination is popular among tourists from all corners of the globe thanks to its amazing foods, vibrant shops, and bright red lanterns, etc.

China Town also features impressive Buddha Tooth and Sri Mariamman Hindu temples from where you can go and worship. If you like you can as well check in Thian Hock Keng Temple which is considered to be the most colorful in the entire ChinaTown.

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5. Singapore Zoo

Nobody will question you if you end your trip by visiting the Singapore Zoo. It features more than 300 animal species among them including but not limited to zebras, Giraffes, White Tigers, and koalas.

The Bottom Line

As you can see from our discussion, Singapore is a hidden gem in Asia and you should try to visit it at least once in your lifetime. And the only best chance you’ve got is now!


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