Coorg resorts: catch the glimpse of nature’s undulating beauty

Coorg resorts

Coorg or Kodagu is considered a popular tourist spot for travelers. Most newly married couples look forward to spending some secret moments and share a good bond between themselves. Coorg is such a destination in Karnataka, which bears with it the best serene and natural. 

The district of Coorg gives people numerous reasons to visit other than Abbey Falls or Madikeri Fort. It is famous for coffee and spice estates, beautiful hills, temples, and the pleasuring weather. The historical place of the Coorg contains many temples and holy places of deities from the Hindu religion. 

Lying closely amidst the serene atmosphere and high mountains Coorg and its landscape are highly stay with mist throughout the year. The current aboriginals of Coorg are Kodavas. Leaving aside Kannada, the two main other languages mostly in use in this hill station are Kodava and Kodagu. 

Paramount tint to visit the romantic hill station of Coorg is between October to May. The peak season for visiting the hill station is between February and May. It is considered as one of the places with highest rainfall. The authentic South Indian cuisine is also a special attraction for the tourists and the travelers who visit Coorg or planning to do so in the recent updates. 

Undulating the scenic beauty of the hilly region, the places are covered with the green lush of the forests and great landscapes that are finely dotted with activities like tea plantations, coffee plantations, and orange groves. The hill station holds breathtakingly stunning and scenic beauty.

Popular tourist charms in the hilly Coorg region are many. It includes places like Nisargadhama, Talakaveri, Bhagamandala, Iruppu Falls, Dubare, Abbey Falls, and the famous Nagarahole National Park. Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri in the Coorg region are ideal for trekking purposes. 

Coorg resorts are wonders in the region which gives shelter to thousands of tourists in the places. The charges for the resorts are not too high but also highly in demand for their cozy and luxury facilities and amenities. The staff at the resorts behaves so well that they will give rise to the pleasure of retreating to the same hill regions once again. 


Coorg is a place where man meets nature and dives into its serenity. These Coorg Resorts provide the right mix of ambiance and thrill as well as hospitality. The manner of welcoming the nature lover will entice to create something different from the normal experience that would expect from the resort in the high hills and ranges. 


The resorts in Coorg add to its existence a spellbound ambience. The resorts provides with an experience that is totally different and highly defined with better features and activities. There are resorts availability from high range to lower ones. So, it is important to try out th best that suits your affordability and pocket of course. 

The resorts also can be booked through the website of Goibibo directly or through travel agents. If you book a holiday package it might so happen that you are eligible for discounts. The resorts are all close to the basic essentials like airport, bus stand and other transportation that makes journey easy and within reach for the tourists. 


The Coorg Resorts are situated amidst the hills and at higher attitude from the sea level. The elevation in itself is right enough to give to its visitors with the view to create beautiful Coorg that can be seen from nowhere until you visit the hills of Coorg region. These resorts are considered as one of the top notch and great in terms of amenities and boasts of its quality that it provides to its visitors. 

Booking with Goibibo is very easy. It takes just few important steps to do so. You will get your choice of resort as per your need and impressive sights. It is all falling about the height of 70 feet and it stands from the huge rocks of mountains. These resorts are known as paradise of the hills where you can easily find the best place to spend some good time with your loved and dear ones. 

All contact information for the resorts are set out with the hope to find the best resort fro themselves. The picturesque and captivating places in the Karnataka and around Coorg resorts are rightly pictured within affordable rates. The resorts offer with multitude of the activities that can entertain the guests. Coorg resorts are differently set with the hope to stay comfortably. So, choose among many and then find the best for your holiday or vacation. 

Apart from these, you can easily find the best discounts while booking for your stays on special occasions. Hospitality at the resorts is a plus point for all them. A family vacation is something that can end up with retreat and significance. This is one of the best things which are a point for its natural appeal. The lake holds for its religious significance. The stays are safe and also well protected. 

There is free private parking at every resort with awesome infrastructure of maintenance. In more than 90% of the resorts there are facilities for spa and aromatic bathing experience. Surrounded by the verdant landscape, numerous and distinctive trails work as trekker’s delight. The staff is dedicated to the customers with their great hospitality and perfect combination of genuineness. 

At Coorg, tourists can also enjoy the cool and serene features like trekking and hill excavations. the distance from the resorts are at close proximity where they can easily enjoy some cool moments and be a part of nature’s adventurous moments. There are also numerous pathways that cut down the scenic forests as well as the hills. The short treks are accompanied during the south west monsoon which is a lovely sight for the tourists at Coorg. 

The interior roofs and the walls of some of these resorts are designed with earlier painting and ancestral features. Sometimes people also book these resorts for destination wedding purpose. While booking for any of the Coorg resorts, make sure you are checking for its facilities, discounts, amenities and its distance from the stations and airport. This information will help you decide about the same in the best possible ways. 



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