Customized and Responsive Website Design Solutions

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In today’s world, people seek information on the web on different devices. Any business needs to make sure they’re present at that moment.

With the help of customized responsive website design, sites and its pages can adapt to any device’s screen size, which provides a better user experience.

Creating a website is vital for online presence; at the same time, a responsive design is essential from both a user and SEO perspective.

When you create a responsive website, it will adjust itself to any device’s screen size dimension.

If you may ask how it works? The different style properties (screen size, resolution, etc.) are fulfilled by adjusting various settings through CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

When your website is not responsive, it will not fulfill users’ needs seeking information from different devices, especially mobile.

Read along to learn more about customized responsive web design, which includes how service providers can help you out.

Why is Customized Responsive Web Design important?

Back in 2015, Google announced that a website with a mobile-friendliness design would have a better chance of search engine ranking.

In today’s mobile-driven world, people seek information, not just sitting in front of their computer but from anywhere.

Customized responsive web design will not only help you in boosting rankings but also provide a better user experience and website performance.

From the user’s perspective, he/she wants fast loading, easy to navigate website, which contains all the required information, and a customized responsive web design provides that.

People can view your website from any device, which increases your traffic, plus the user experience will keep them engaged and happy.

User doesn’t need to be redirected; they can view the website quickly no matter which device they’re using.

When a search engine comes to know about this, it takes your website higher in the search engine results page (SERPs) and improving SEO efforts.

Customized Responsive Web Design VS Adaptive Web Design

Both the design types offer a better user experience, but the difference lies in the time of execution.

Didn’t get it? No worries, let me explain to you about the two.

Adaptive web design is concerned with the touch-friendly feature to ensure that the website’s information is correctly displayed in any size of the browser’s window.

It first detects the device’s settings (text size, language, brightness, etc.) and then executes the information fitted to the unique device.

In contrast to Responsive design, Adaptive design is a bit slow in execution.

Responsive web design provides a site’s desktop experience on a mobile device, providing a better user experience with a quick response.

As both the design are concerned in providing better user experience, people often implement both the design into one website.

Benefits of Customized Web Design

There are many benefits of a customized web design, as it primarily focuses on providing a better user experience and reach.

  • As mobile-friendliness is a crucial ranking factor, a responsive website helps in ranking higher.
  • A responsive website is easy to manage because you’re handling one website and not separate computer and mobile sites.
  • The Mobile version of the website doesn’t create faulty redirects, content duplication, or any other usability errors.
  • Users have better experience and usability as the website is compatible with any device.

How can Customized Web Design Service Provide help you?

A customized web design and development service provider, Suprams can help you impress and satisfy your potential audience’s needs. 

Your website will have quality graphics which is accessible on any device the user has. You’re likely to be ahead of your competitors by better user experience.

Service providers implement the latest web design technologies and strategies and transform your website to improve sales and leads.

You can get more benefits from customized responsive website design services; check them out below.

Increase in traffic

More than 50% are mobile users using the internet, and website design service providers can help you reach and attract more traffic to your website.

You will have a versatile website at a lower development cost.

Maintenance is less

As you’re creating a separate website for computers and mobile devices, the overall cost is less. The service provider will create a website that fits any screen size, and you need to maintain the only website.

Liquid Layout

The customized responsive website design’s grade system scales and resizes itself according to any screen size. The service provider can help you with that.

Images and Videos are optimized.

Not only will the website be optimized to be responsive, but all the design elements, videos, and images are optimized too. Users will view the same quality videos and pictures, which will keep them engaged, decreasing bounce rates.

Provide Enhance experience

Service providers can help you make a good impression when a user visits your site for the first time.

Your site will provide a better user experience, information, and seamless navigation. Visitors are not easily leaving your site.

Improve your SEO efforts

As I said earlier, mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor, and hence with a customized responsive website design, you will improve your SEO efforts.

Analytics Included

With a customized, responsive design, you can view and access analytics reports. Understand the errors and improve your site for better rankings.


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