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There are numerous teas available across the world with their flavors and aromas such as white tea, green tea, black tea, flavored tea, blended tea, chai, etc. Every tea has its health benefits that provide you refreshments in your whole body. Tea is considered a healthy beverage by many people. Each tea has its history and brewing way. 

As you know, there are many black teas available in the market with different varieties such as earl grey tea, chocolate tea, purple cranberry tea, Irish breakfast tea, English breakfast tea, etc. But we are going to know about English breakfast tea and health benefits. 

English breakfast tea is one of the black teas, which is a traditional drink. This tea is popular in British and Irish tea culture. English breakfast tea is a blended black tea which leaves originated from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. It has an aromatic scent of malt with the perfect balance of briskness and malty sweetness taste. It appears like a bright orange liquor. This tea also has many health benefits like other teas. You can buy a variety of wholesale teas here to soothe your taste buds.

Benefits of English breakfast tea

Let’s know about its benefits that change your daily life.


It contains natural antioxidants like flavonoids that are responsible for slowing down the aging process by fighting off free radicals. It also contains caffeine, which helps in improving memory. The amount of caffeine in this tea is half the amount of caffeine contained in coffee that helps you wake up in the morning in a gentler way. On the other hand, does Jasmine tea have Caffeine?

Strong bones and purify the blood

English breakfast tea doesn’t contain calories, which is the right choice for diabetic patients. It contains vitamin B, which helps in purifying the blood cell plus build a new blood cell in your body. Magnesium and phosphorus in English breakfast tea help in keeping bones healthy. One study has found that people who drink English breakfast tea for four weeks without milk and sugar get improvement in their blood circulation. It also reduces the cholesterol level in the body and heart risk. It helps in improving the immune system.

Prevent cancer and kidney stones

A study of Rutgers University has found that the properties of TF-2, a chemical in black tea can destroy the cancer cell, without any harm to other cells. It provides you necessary fluids, which prevent the formation of kidney stones and maintain kidney health. 

Oral health

If we are about health benefits, it also includes oral health, and many people are very conscious about their teeth. So, they don’t need to worry because tea leaves also help in improving teeth.

English breakfast tea contains a high level of fluoride because the leaves get older, which increases the level of fluoride in tea that helps in preventing cavities and makes your teeth stronger by preventing them from decaying caused by sugars and acids. 

Relief from stress

On this tired and stressful day, people drink coffee to start their day. So, for a healthy day, they can prefer tea rather than coffee. English breakfast tea carries various natural antioxidants that help in reducing stress. 

It may show some side effects if you consume this tea for more than 5 cups a day regularly.

Help in weight loss 

Nowadays, being overweight is known for the disease. People now care about their fitness and body. A healthy beverage is required to lose weight so black tea is a great choice to reduce your weight healthily. 

English breakfast tea promotes good bacteria in the body and improves digestion. Not just that, this tea also increases metabolism in the liver, which helps in reducing weight.

It also helps in increasing the concentration level.


English breakfast tea also helps to keep you hydrated with a required amount of water content in it.

You can add milk and sugar in your English breakfast tea for a perfect cup of tea. You can brew this tea in hot and cold water. You can enjoy this tea with some side dishes like toast, pancakes with cream, and many more. English breakfast tea can be consumed not only in the morning but in the afternoon and evening. English breakfast tea is free of calories. So, this is a good tea for those people who love black tea with caffeine and for tea lovers. 


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