How to Get Started with WordPress Hosting?

When thinking about building your own website, choosing the right platform for your hosting and website is important. For people who are just starting out, get the best managed WordPress hosting as your first choice.

Most of the WordPress hosting providers will offer you free installation of WordPress for you, but even if you don’t get one, here are some easy steps for you to follow that will allow you to get the best results. These steps are for people who are just starting out their whole journey.

Domain Name

Before you anything else, you need a domain for yourself. Domain name simply means the name of the website that you want to have. Keep in mind that this can never be changed once you have bought one for yourself.

A domain name will always be unique for every website and will never have a duplicate one. Also, try to keep it short and straightforward, long domain names are never ideal and will be harder for people to remember.

Web Hosting

The next step is to get a web hosting for yourself. This is where your domain name and website will land, and appear on the internet. Web hosting is like a dedicated space for your personal website on the internet.

There are different types of hosting that you can use for your website, but since you are going to install WordPress, its best to use a managed WordPress hosting service.

This kind of hosting is best when you are trying to install a WordPress hosting since they are optimized for the same. Some web hosting providers will also offer you free installation of WordPress with your hosting purchase. This helps when you need to install and manage it.

Web Hosting Plan

Now there are different plans available for each hosting type. From monthly to yearly, choose the one that prefers you better. Though, choosing the one with a yearly subscription tends to be much cost-effective in the long run since you are paying much less.

But if you do not want that, you can still go with a monthly subscription. Just don’t forget to renew it in time; otherwise, you will lose all the data.

Install WordPress

Now that you are all set with the domain name and WordPress hosting, its time to install the WordPress on your hosting. Either use an FTP program to install WordPress installation on your hosting or use the one that came with your provider.

Once you are finished with WordPress installation, you can go ahead and set username and password for accessing your installation. After you have access to your WordPress installation, attach it to your website from either the control panel of your hosting.

Access WordPress

Once you have logged in, and you will reach the dashboard of the website. WordPress is one of the most customizable website platforms that you can use. once on the dashboard, you will be able to see that you have a lot of options.

From setting multiple themes that will make it look visually attractive to installing different plugins that help increase the functionality of your website, there are heaps of options WordPress offers.


WordPress hosting is one of the best options for people who are just starting out and don’t have technical knowledge. It does not require excessive programming, and sometimes you don’t even need the help of a programmer at all.

Choose the Best WordPress hosting providers after researching properly, that will offer decent services in return. It’s also important to identify if they offer good support.

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