How to Host and Promote your Virtual Event?

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Sometime in the past facilitating virtual occasions used to sound advanced, however, in this cutting edge time, virtual occasions have gained a noteworthy spot in the events industry. It has become progressively like a typical at this point! 

With facilitating virtual events, organizations have seen an enormous blast as they’ve discovered it as an entryway scene of contacting their crowds the whole way across the globe and associating with them.

The most conspicuous elements that go under thought are facilitating the virtual events and advancing them with best methodologies. 

To obtain a staggering number of members for your events, the way toward facilitating, arranging and advancement requires specific tender loving care like an in-person event. Be that as it may, for virtual events, it requires a particular and unobtrusively unexpected methodology in comparison to the conventional facilitating and advertising way to deal with product leads and significant results.

Have a Defined Set of Audience

Prior to planning or promoting your event, you ought to consistently think about your specialty. In this way, before you begin on whatever else, it would assist you with bettering in the event that you perceive the kind of crowd that you expect to focus on for your event.

Once you recognize them, you’ll get to know what platform could be used for what type of audience. For example, in case you’re focusing on college-going students, it would be a smarter move to promote your occasion effectively via social media platforms or promoting your event on channels where these students visit often. 

Build an Effective Website

Building a website that is pretty alluring and effective is quite essential for your event as it will be a gateway for your audience to exactly know what the event is about! A user might visit your website and check every nook and cranny of it to get information about your upcoming event. 

It would help you better if you make the website enthralling enough so that it attracts more people and helps you gain more number of registrants. 

Below is a shortlist of what important information about the event should be there on your website:

  • Date and time of the event
  • Sign-up link
  • Entire agenda of the event
  • Sponsor information
  • Speaker bios
  • Sponsor information

Select the Right Virtual Event Software

This comes up as one of the most prominent aspects of the process of hosting virtual events. While choosing the right software for your event, you need to consider the following factors. 

Firstly, recognize your needs, and on the basis of that, select software that you think would fit into the picture. From abundant virtual event software, choosing the right platform for you is a prerequisite. 

Attract your Audience

Attracting your audience is another important aspect and is the most prominent one as if there won’t be any audience, the event is of no use. Offer your audience with something irresistible so that they can’t ignore signing up. 

Boost Search Potential

You usually use keywords to get a higher rank of your website and the published content on a web crawler. You can use a keyword planner like Google Keyword Planner that would enable you to find what significant words are being looked at by the individuals for the most part and add them in your content to support your inquiry potential on web indexes.

Excellent Email Marketing

Email marketing is an evergreen methodology as it is a powerful procedure for a wide range of organizations to create leads and nurture potential customers. 

Sending email bulletins to your current curated list to keep your supporters updated about the upcoming events or any other latest update. Ensure that you don’t overwhelm their inboxes with your sends, do push out sends that makes significance to the up and coming events, most recent updates, and pre-event feedback.

Promote via Social Media Channels

Life on social media has demonstrated its strength in different fruitful marketing plans. You can utilize it for promoting your event by adding the connections to the events on your different social media accounts as it would assist you with driving a decent measure of traffic to your site and will assist you with building a solid social media presence. 

Promote your Event Constantly

When you’re promoting your event, make sure you promote it consistently and don’t drop off in between. This will affect your marketing strategies and could rupture the efforts you had put in previously. 

Also, this will keep your registrants updated about what’s happening currently and you would be able to keep track of that they would be appearing as attendees at your event and wouldn’t ditch you at the last minute.


For hosting virtual events, following a defined process won’t only help you in hosting a successful virtual event but will also keep the consistency inflow. Well, to know it better, you can read our ultimate guide to hosting virtual events and learn everything about it! 


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