How to improve Love life with food

Improve loveable desire and love life, naturally 

Famous cardiologist explains the truth about food and love. Learn what nutrition has to do with loveably performance and the specific foods to eat and avoid for a healthy love life

Although more difficult to quantify, the same is probably true for some women with loveably dysfunction. The inability to behave well during loveably activities is often a sign of a diseased endothelium .1.What is endothelium?

The endothelium is the single layer of cells covering all of the arteries in the body. In good health, the endothelial lining of the arteries produces a miracle gas called nitric oxide, nitric oxide, or nitrogen oxide , which causes the arteries to expand or dilate and also helps them resist clotting and atherosclerosis ( hardening of the arteries).

The endothelium can be damaged throughout the body due to poor lifestyle habits, such as smoking and eating processed foods. Poor loveably performance can result from endothelial damage and can be recognized years before the same disease process causes a heart attack.

Food and love: what does love have to do with nutrition?

It takes healthy arteries, a healthy endothelium, and a heart that can pump increased blood flow to our pelvis to make it all happen.

For both men and women, the loveably response requires increased blood flow through the arteries to expand specialized tissues (a clinical term for the love organs) to prepare for play and intercourse. No increase in blood flow, no loveably performance. And you thought it was flowers and champagne!

For example, in a 2007 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research,  researchers selected 53 men with erectile dysfunction and asked them to drink pomegranate juice or a placebo for four weeks.

Pomegranate juice has been shown to reverse endothelial dysfunction (the other dysfunction) and cause arterial plaque reversal in humans. When measuring an overall improvement score after four weeks to achieve an erection, it was more likely that drinking real pomegranate juice would lead to product delivery and lead to erections.

In another study published in 2014, 555 diabetic men were asked about their adherence to a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables and their ability to achieve erections. The presence of particularly severe erectile difficulties was much lower in heavy plant users.

How about nuts? A group of scientists studied 17 men with erectile dysfunction and asked them to eat 100 grams of pistachios per day. After three weeks, the cholesterol values ​​were lower, the blood flow measured in the penis was higher, and the measures of the ability to have erections were improved.

Why not just take Viagra to improve loveable health?

The blue pill, or Viagra®, and the other two drugs available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction do not work in everyone.

The drugs also require a healthy endothelium and healthy arteries capable of providing increased blood flow at work. If the rod-sized loveable arteries are badly damaged, there will be no bade-boom bedaubing an hour after taking them. These drugs only work by enhancing the natural effects of a healthy endothelium.

How nitric oxide helps your loveably performance

When the lining of the arteries is healthy and nitric oxide is made in large quantities, this wonder gas diffuses into the artery and causes the chemical called cyclic GMP to increase.

Cyclic GMP or cGMP causes the blood vessel to relax and dilate, but it is a very short-lived chemical. Erectile dysfunction drugs prevent cGMP from breaking down as quickly as normal. The longer the cGMP lags, the more blood flow will increase (no, that’s not where the catchphrase comes from).

But if the endothelium is sick with fatty and toxic blood filled with recently ingested animal products and fatty foods, nitric oxide will not be released as expected and the result will be less than satisfactory.

The biochemistry of the male loveably response is better understood than the female response, but even Super P Force  And Tadarise 20 are treat ED Problems has shown therapeutic benefit in the loveable response of women with diabetes, so the basics are universal.

Why do healthy eaters have an easier time with optimal loveably performance?

Currently, there is no known food agent that mimics the blue pill and directly stimulates cGMP by blocking the same enzyme as Viagra®. However, healthy food eaters can easily increase the production of nitric oxide, the wonder gas.

Nitric oxide is generated in the blood vessels by the amino acids L-argentine and L-coralline which flow in both directions. This system is particularly active when you are under 40 years old.   

If you want to increase your nitric oxide levels to improve the overall health of your arteries and your loveably responsiveness, why not eat healthy foods rich in amino acids?

What is your experience of improving your love life through food?

Foods particularly high in L-argentine include pine nuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and Brazil nuts. Grains, including oats and wheat germ, also contain significant amounts of L-argentines.

Watermelon has the highest concentration in nature (especially white skin), followed by onions and garlic. Just one standard serving of watermelon water provides enough L-coralline to enhance loveable performance. 

Another way to overload your endothelium with food

There is another way to generate nitric oxide and its blood flow enhancing effects. Chemicals called nitrates and nitrites, found in many foods and generated in our saliva, are directly converted into nitric oxide.   

Super vidalista contains ingredients effective not only for premature ejaculation treatment but also for ED treatment.

You might think nitrates and nitrites were bad for you. This may be true with fatty meats because they are converted to nitrosamines a   dangerous chemical compound, but in the healthiest foods, especially vegetables, they are a lot of fun. Super Vidalista is best for ED problems.

What foods contain nitrates, and antioxidants that cause them to convert quickly to nitric oxide?

Arugula, rhubarb, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, book Choy, and beets top the list. Send your diet with grapes, pomegranates, apples, and green teas, and you have an erotic dynamite potion that will charge your endothelium in your heart.  

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Keep Your Heart and Love Life Healthy

Of course, nutrition is only one aspect, while essential, of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Not smoking, exercising regularly, avoiding diabetes and obesity, and getting adequate sleep are proven ways to maintain endothelial health and loveable performance.

A diet low in fat and fed by plants as well as exercise, reduced stress.

Does this give you a better understanding of the relationship between food and loveable function?

Over 400 years ago, Thomas Sydenham said, “A man is as old as his arteries.”

Four centuries later, we know how right he was. Eat plants to protect your brain, eat plants to protect your heart, but also eat plants to fuel your love life, even if it seems difficult at times. What may seem hard will keep you hard.

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