How to use Custom Mailer Box Packaging to Create “Facebook Worthy” Unboxing Experience?

mailer box
mailer box

For online stores, the shipped packaging is the direct touch point and connection with the buyers. Sadly, it is one of the most underutilized marketing opportunities.    

Of course, packaging was created to keep the products safe when moving them from one place to another. However, solely focusing on one function of the packaging means you are overlooking the most crucial aspect of the product boxes—marketing impact. When done right, the well-designed branded packaging can turn an ordinary experience into a magical one. In short, it’s a fantastic opportunity to deliver a functional product and leave a positive impression on your customers.     

But what if I’m using mailer boxes to ship my products? 

If you haven’t heard of custom mailer box packaging, it probably means you must be living under a rock. The bespoke mailer boxes are the new “in thing” for e-commerce businesses these days. Thanks to the fierce competition, business owners are keen to make the most of every opportunity, and customized branded mailer boxes give them the chance to sweep their customers off their feet with fantastic unboxing experience.  

What is a Branded Custom Mailer Box Packaging Experience? 

On the whole, a branded custom mailer box packaging experience is essentially a considerate selection of packaging materials, finishing options, and shipping. Why? It all counts on how you present your product to customers. The primary purpose of the boxes is to offer customers additional value as well as creating a memorable and shareable first impression of your brand and product.  

Compared to brick and mortar stores, online retailers have very few touchpoints to delight their customers. Sure, there is a definite advantage of efficiency when it comes to online shopping, but it comes at the cost of hands-on experience. For this reason, it is crucial to make serious efforts in creating a lasting impression for customers and differentiate your business from the competitors. 

Why Branded Packaging Matters in Ecommerce?

Building a longer-term and sustainable relationship means bringing back ideal customers to your business time and again. Having a huge base of repeat customers can prove fruitful for your business. Not only will they spend more, but they also help you move away from the acquisition treadmill, where you are always spending bucks to lure new customers and retain the existing ones.  

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution, 40 percent of the buyers are likely to purchase again from an online vendor that ships its products in premium packaging. The same research revealed that quality packaging makes the customers believe they are buying from a high-brand brand, which further builds the anticipation for delivery.  

Ever since social media and YouTube have become mainstream, people are sharing all their experiences with the world. A quick search on Google about ‘unboxing videos’ will give you countless blog posts, videos, and images. Most of these content pieces were created by the patrons themselves, which further helps a brand in getting its name out. 

How to Create an Unforgettable Custom Mailer Box Packaging Experience?

A well-designed, branded packaging is a mixture of numerous elements, and it’s crucial that they all must work in tandem. It does not mean you should make every available option a part of your printing and manufacturing process. 

Instead, figure out which potential improvements can make your custom mailer boxes stand out and deliver the best experience and value to the customers. Tactically investing in your packaging can be rewarding because it can go a long way in designing an impressive unboxing experience that your customers will remember for a very long, long time. 


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