Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Pair of Shoes


How many shoes do you own? How often do you use them? Are you comfortable wearing them? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Were they a gift? According to an article by HuffPost, people often neglect their shoes due to several reasons. 


If you are on the lookout for your next shoe purchase, the perfect pair of shoes is only a shoe store away. Whether you are obtaining your shoes to add to your shoe collection, buying them as a necessity, or purchasing them as a gift, you should always remember to consider important things to not let your purchase go to waste. 


Know what it is for

The first and most important step to finding your perfect pair of shoes is to know your “WHY.” What is the purpose of your purchase? Are you looking for some casual sneakers? Do you plan on using your shoes in school? Are you trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to use at work? Are you on the lookout for the most comfortable pair of athletic shoes you need for your workout sessions?


Some shoe stores might not offer what you need; that is why it is important to ask yourself these questions before purchasing to avoid regrets in the long run. 


Know your shoe size

Usually, shoe stores provide a measurement guide so you can get your measurements right. However, because these numbers are critical to consider before purchasing a pair of shoes, it is advisable to make sure of your shoe size. If you are not sure about your shoe size, you can start by:



  • First step: Trace your foot


Lay down a piece of paper on the ground and make sure the paper is bigger than your foot. If the paper is too small, you can tape the pieces together until the measurement of the paper is bigger than your foot. 


Before placing your foot on the paper, it would be best if you wear a sock. Wearing a sock would help you get the right measurements for the right fit. Furthermore, make sure to stand up and place your full weight on the paper to get the most accurate measurement. 

It would be nice to get a helping hand to slowly trace your foot for you to guarantee that your pen is tracing your foot at a 90-degree angle. You might want to trace your foot a few times to be sure.



  • Second step: Measure its length


After tracing your foot, you can now take your foot off the paper and measure your outline. Using a measuring tape, measure your foot’s outline from end to end.



  • Third step: Measure its width


Measuring the length of your foot is not enough. The width of a foot is probably one of the few things people tend to overlook when measuring the size of a person’s foot. Using the same measuring tape, have it wrapped around the broadest part of your foot.


Now that you know the size of your feet, you can now confidently buy your shoes! However, if you still got the wrong size or just not fully satisfied with your purchase, a great shoe store may offer the option to refund, return, or exchange your shoes.

To put it briefly, following these steps above will help you eliminate the common mistakes consumers make. Knowing your why along with your shoe size, will help you determine what shoes to buy. Now you can decide on buying the perfect pair of shoes!


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