Is ChiroTouch An All In One EHR Software? Keep Reading To Find Out!

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ChiroTouch EMR Software is an intelligent EHR Software that was founded in 1999. It has very unique and smart features for chiropractors. They are specifically designed for this field and also offer additional services and solutions to many problems of the users. So, the question that arises is whether ChiroTouch EHR is an all in one EHR software or not? Let us find out

ChiroTouch EHR Features

How do we find out if ChiroTouch is actually an all in one EHR Software? The best way to do so is by looking at what ChiroTouch EMR has to offer. Without further ado let us dive into that: 

Let us highlight some of the popular EHR features of ChiroTouch. 

All in one Dashboard, Automated billing, Customizable features, SALT feature, Certified EHR, Alerts, Templates for Chiropractors, SOAP notes, lab integration, etc. 

ChiroTouch is a highly intuitive EHR Software that provides Chiropractic specific EHR features that help anyone in this practice. They provide efficient and smarter solutions to their tasks. ChiroTouch EHR has a very quick and easy learning curve which means you will soon get the hang of it once you install it. You will also have private training which will further help you with understanding the software better. 

With the help of its billing tools and features, you can easily manage your revenue cycle and make your billing smooth and simple. Worrying less about the billing and focusing more on the work will make the workplace super-efficient. It also allows complete integration which is a great advantage for everyone as not many EHR software offer full integration. 

It literally takes seconds to create your own SOAP notes and they have a huge library of chiropractic material that will help you with different conditions. The software also sends automatic reminders and messages to the clients to keep their health in check. This helps patients in staying motivated and not losing hope. 

Same as Last Time (SALT) is a great feature that helps make documentation easy and simple. The patient check-in process has never been easier than with ChiroTouch. Automated messages eliminate the need for staff callbacks and also helps in boosting revenue. Moreover, ChiroTouch EHR offers a feature for Standardized Reporting. Standardized reports are very useful in helping you analyze the performance of your workplace. You get a detailed understanding of everything related to your firm or organization. 

ChiroTouch EHR helps digitize as many tasks as possible. It frees you and your employees from all the paperwork and makes sure everything is recorded and saved in one place.  It reduces clutter and eliminates the chance of errors. The fear of data being lost goes away with the installation of this EHR Software. Clinical, as well as financial efficiency, is increased and workflow is streamlined. Tasks are done way more accurately and fastly which means more patients can be treated than usual. ChiroTouch EHR brings countless benefits with its installations so if you are thinking to invest in this software, then we would say do it. For further understanding, you can book a ChiroTouch EHR demo.  

What do users have to say about ChiroTouch? 

Now that we have discussed if ChiroTouch features, let’s move on to what the users have to say about this software. ChiroTouch EMR is rated very well and is loved by most of the users who have installed it. It has a very intuitive nature for most of the basic functions and is very easy to use. According to ChiroTouch EHR reviews, it is easy to navigate and when you face any issue, customer support is right there to fix it. It is fast and efficient and very comprehensive. Scheduling, billing, etc., are linked together which makes it easier to do a task. Its billing feature is nothing less than a miracle. ChiroTouch is many people’s favorite. 

ChiroTouch EHR Pricing

The last thing that needs to be addressed is ChiroTouch EHR pricing. The price of this software is $259 per month. There is also a one-time fee for setup, training, and data conversion.


We would like to conclude this article by saying that yes, we think ChiroTouch is an all in one EHR Software. 


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