It’s Time To Flaunt The Vintage Outfits!

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Vintage outfits are the safest choice of clothing out there. Mainly because they have this magic of never getting disappeared and just staying forever. And also, they are the easiest to style-up in. You don’t have to do a lot of research or go for consultation from a stylist to wear them. Just with a sensible mix and match of different clothing pieces with the perfect accessories and there you are. Vintage outfits are present in everyone’s wardrobe collection. It’s time to take them out and flaunt yourself!

If you think that your closet is deprived of vintage clothes, you might be wrong. That favorite Cafe Racer Leather Jacket of yours is the real treasure. It’s the simplest kind of biker jacket out there with the most stylish look. Wearing this jacket over your cute poodle dresses or with skirts is definitely going to give you that retro-modern vibe. Don’t hesitate now and just choose a perfect vintage one for you because we are going to make you rush to your favorite vintage store by the end of it.

Dresses with Shoulder Pads for a Perfect Look

The best vintage outfits out there are cute floral dresses. Those knee-length poodle and skater dresses were considered as the iconic outfits for women. Shoulder pad dresses were most-loved too. You can go for these dresses with a little touch of your choice. The necklines were boat-neck shaped. The lace fabric was the most-desired by the women because of the luxurious and sexy look they give. You can add lace to the cuffs, lines of neck and hem or over your entire top for that modern touch.

You can also choose a printed dress with puff sleeves, a glittery top with a skirt, or a small blouse with shoulder pads for a dramatic and bold look for fancy events. For a rather casual event, go for a modest polka dot dress and add a matching belt for a classic retro look. For celebrity inspiration, search for a promo photo of Dynasty and find Linda Evans, Joan Collins, and Diahann Carroll acing that perfect vintage look. They went for fur coats over shoulder pad dresses and accessorized themselves with pearls.

Jumpsuits for an Edge

You might be surprised to learn that jumpsuits had the major spotlight in the fashion industry in the ‘70s. They were considered as the perfect party outfits and used to come in luxurious shimmery fabrics. These are usually long-sleeved and wide-legged outfits with a V neckline. Now with time, jumpsuits are being worn by people casually too. You can get a perfect retro look out of them as they now come in a variety of fabrics for every event.

Go for a glittery jumpsuit in gold, silver, or black for a perfect disco party costume. For a rather sophisticated look, go for the typical wide-legged jumpsuit in monochromatic tones. Accessorize them with belts for a modern touch. Denim jumpsuits are perfect for a casual day out with your friends. These jumpsuits come up in a variety of colors, so choose a perfect color for any event and get that fun and cool aura.

Rock Your Vintage Look in A Rock N Roll Style

Rockabilly was the most popular style of the ‘50s. It is a bold rock n roll inspired look to give you a badass personality like that of a rock star. Bold makeups and outfits are involved in this styling. Just go for a sexy look with skirts or pants, wear a classical winged liner and a red lipstick, and you’re there. Black and white are the hot colors for this look, but you can go for primary colors. Red, yellow, blue, wear any color of your choice and rock this look. Don’t forget the accessories!

A Perfect Makeup for That Perfect Look

Smokey-eyed makeup with red lipstick is the classical vintage look. But what we all forget is the blush! A pigmented blush on is the life of vintage makeup. It actually revitalizes the whole makeup look. So grab a brush and get yourself all pinked! A thick Kohl with thick winged eyeliner is a must too. Also, don’t forget your eyebrows. Give them a trimmed narrow shape and add a bright lip color to finish the perfect retro-modern look.                                           

Don’t Forget the Hairstyling

A bandana is a ‘must-have’ for creating a retro look. You can add a few flowers to your plain hairbands as well. You can also go for a full fringe style and a pin-up style. These styles are the classic vintages and can make you look retro even with no vintage clothes on! If you are willing to go for a sophisticated vintage look, you can also opt for hair clips and finger waves. Just choose a hairstyle according to your dress and outfit requirement to give yourself a perfect retro look.

An Ideal Footwear to Level up The Retro Game

Footwear’s are the most essential part of every look. The classical shoes that were worn by women in the ‘80s and ‘90s are in fashion nowadays too. The iconic heels from Rockabilly styling are still popular amongst the singers. Knee-high boots give you a classy look. Boots with a square-toe ankle are perfect to be worn with dresses. Oxford Dancing shoes can be the right choice too. These footwear’s give the completion to your vintage outfits.

Accessories for Giving That Modern Touch

The typical accessories that instantly boost up your retro look involve lace gloves, fishnets, and sunglasses. Fishnets were popular amongst rock glam look along with chains and rubber bracelets. For jewelry, go for diamonds and pearls. A hat is preferable for a rather sophisticated look over dresses and skin-fitted skirts. For inspiration, look for Princess Diana, who was often seen wearing hats with her signature walker dresses. Accessories can either lift up or take down your overall look, so choose them wisely!

Finish Off With A Perfect Outerwear

Outerwears are the life of any vintage outfit. They finish off your vintage look in such a style that you feel like a ’80s celebrity. The outerwear’s that were most worn include leather jackets, blazers, and leopard printed coats. Leather jackets are considered as the “Kings” of vintage dressing. From fashion runways to concerts, leather jackets and blazers were seen everywhere. Blazers come up as single-breasted as well as double-breasted.Just take out your favorite Vintage Leather Jacket or blazer from your closet and wear them over a turtleneck or basic shirt. Pair them up with high waist jeans and sneakers and get that vintage-modern look instantly. You can wear them over skirts as well. Leopard printed tops and coats are the hit vintages as well. Just kick your hesitation away now and show off your vintage outfits. Don’t go for anything extra and stay as minimalistic as you can to rock your vintage outfit look perfectly!


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