Lip Fillers: Four Reasons to Do It

Lip Fillers

As the effect of the pandemic is wearing off and mask rules are going to be relaxed, you can finally see everyone’s face. And when it comes to the face, the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, nose, and jaws play a vital role in maintaining facial beauty. These are the characters that people notice first, and if any of these features are slightly odd-looking, it’ll affect a person’s overall look—affecting their confidence by making them self-aware.

The best way to find a solution to this issue is by cosmetic surgery, and one of the increasing cosmetic surgeries is the lip fillers in Sydney.

If you dig out the data from the past five years, you will notice that the plastic surgery industry has been booming. With more than 500,000 separate cosmetic surgeries performed in 2020, Australia took the throne from the USA and became the number one country for most cosmetic procedures per capita. Most procedures are performed in popular cities like Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, etc. Compared to other cities, Sydneysiders prefer liposuction. There are different types of cosmetic surgeries that are enough, and the most popular ones are:

  • Breast augmentation/implants
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Tummy tuck
  • Facelift
  • Mummy makeover

The average cost of cosmetic surgeries in Sydney are:

  • Full rhinoplasty: $9,000-$16,000
  • Liposuction: $4,400-$6,600+
  • Facelift: $10,000-$13,000
  • Capsulectomy: $9000-16,700
  • Breast augmentation: $11,000

Now, back to the original question. What are the reasons people prefer lip filler?

Well, contrary to the belief that lip fillers are for looking sexier, there are more than just ‘wanting of the looks’ for the reasons for the surgery.

Following are the reasons why an individual would want to do a lip filler:

For correcting lip asymmetries

Everyone has almost an asymmetric face, and there would be a slight unevenness or curves. But that’s being human; no being is perfectly crafted in this world. The asymmetric lip surgery can change the shape of your lips, and if there are any cuts or bruises, it will erase them from the surface as well.

Also, your upper lips are smaller than the lower lips, and surgery will be futile if there is no proper reason for the lip fillers. So, before doing this, you must have gathered all the information about lip surgery.

Reduction of fine lines and lips and mouth area

Lip thinning is the most noticeable change in older adults. The lip fillers are of different types, and one can apply them to the places nearby the lips to reduce the lines and aging marks.

With the help of a lip filler, your 50-year-old aunt may look 30. Now, a person can go to a hospital and ask for cosmetic surgery or lip fillers in Sydney.

Defines lip shape and cupid’s bow

This procedure is for those who are not blessed with a perfect lip. Apart from hanging the lip’ succession helps you connect with reality?

A cupid’s bow-type lip means the shape of the lips after surgery will look like the bow. The corners of the lips will be more curved towards the inside. 

To add natural fullness.

Some people have skinny lips; some have thick lips. Some lie in the latter one, and some like all. If you choose lip fillers in Sydney, you can get great cosmetics, and medical teams help you balance/fill the area of lips that needs special treatment. Anyway, liposuction is the most popular surgery in the city for no reason.

These are the four reasons that compel you to make a decision.


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