Meet three power banks which can charge Laptop devices with its high capacity

power banks
power banks

Power banks are now become the necessities in your day to day life which keeps your devices like laptops, smartphones, and mp3 players always stay on. If you are looking for power banks with high capacity to charge your Laptops, then check the list below which will help you taking the right decision of purchasing the power bank for your laptop. Here we have lined up few top power banks which come with high battery capacity at an affordable price. For more detailed reviews feel free to check out

BiXPower BP160

Bi X Power BP 160 power bank device is equipped with Li-Ion battery with 44,000mAh battery capacity. You can buy this power bank device from the Indian market at a price of 14,000INR and $210 from the international market. You can not only charge your laptop device but you can also charge your tablets, notebooks, Nokia android smartphone, and other external devices as well.  The power bank delivers high battery capacity which lets you run your laptop device for longer duration. 

The Bi X Power BP 160 power bank device delivers 18V to 20V DC power along with 5V USB port and an AC charger. The device is equipped with protective layers which protects the power bank against overcharging, heat and high temperature as well as from current. The device has LED lights which deliver you the information regarding the status of the battery left. You will see more than 18 connectors in this power bank by which you can connect your device which you want to charge.

Intocircuit Power Monster 

The Intocircuit Power Monster power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery which has 32,000mAh battery capacity which can charge not only your laptop devices but also charges your tablets, smartphones and other external devices. You can buy this gadget from the Indian market at a price of 19,600INR and $294 from the International market. 

This power banks is equipped with two USB ports having 2.1A and 1A with 1DC output ports. The device is equipped with a LCD display and has aluminum chassis coating body. The Into circuit power bank is available in Black and Orange color options.


CHINAiwo power bank is equipped with Li-Ion battery having 45,000mAh battery capacity which has the ability to charge various electronic equipments such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices without giving any errors. The CHINAiwo power bank comes with 11,000INR price in the Indian market and you can buy this gadget from the international market at $164 price.

This power bank is equipped with superior design and an ultra slim body. The device is coated with aluminum chassis. This power bank is equipped with digital display which helps in regulating the voltage. The power bank comes with various protective layers which protect the device from over-charging, current, high voltage, and even from short circuit. You can see LED indicator as well which will tell you the remaining charging capacity. Apart from this, the power bank has 5 connectors by which you can connect various gadgets, an USB cable, and a DC cable.


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