New stroke of US government on China imported products

China products

On 14 September 2020, a deal was finalized between the two Tiktok and Oracle, they officially announced it, but still, the US government looked into it in the coming days. Check update on News18, Marathi News, Hindi News, English newspaper. There are so many things those countries import from China. 

Products banned by the US

In the latest reports, it is confirmed that the US has banned a few things that are from China, want to know what that is?

Cotton, hair products, computer components, and other textile materials are banned now. You must have heard about the human resource smuggling in Hindi, Marathi paper news. In this way, the firm pressurizes the people to perform the task of manufacturing and other things. 

For the safety of human rights, the US government has taken this step. It has stopped the supply chain of cotton, textile, and American computer components. The statement has been done to protect our American workers, our businesses, and our products.

It is an illegal and abusive act to force people to practice unlimited work for long hours. The firms take the people as non-living things. They also need proper food, rest, and care. There are many firms that don’t care about the safety measures and health of the workers. They don’t treat their workers in a good manner. By imposing a ban DHS is standing by its workers and medical health.

The opinion of Mark A. Morgan

According to the words of Mark A. Morgan, We are not going to take any aimless step and will not let the outsiders take the advantage and use our workers. American Government respects the policies, laws, and human rights. 

By imposing a ban on the supply chain to China, it is a direct message in the international market to all who treat the workers or human resources in an abusive way.

Manufacturing Location of Chinese products

We don’t support any kind of illicit, inhumane, or unfair act and practices, US customs and Protection has introduced a list about the different products and withhold release orders, in this list it is declared that the products are by treating the labors in an abusive way.

  • Hair products are developed from the Lop County Industrial Park.
  • Clothing material manufactured from the Yili Zhuowan Garment manufacturing Co. 
  • Cotton material is produced from the Xinjiang Junggar Cotton and Linen Co.
  • Along with these product materials, clothing material, as we have mentioned above in this article, Computer products/ components have also been banned by the American government. An IT company is established in Anhui, that works to manufacture the computer components, the company is named as Hefei Bitland Information Technology Co. 
  • American Government has closed all the business relationships with this company as they are taking the work from prisoners and forced laborers in production acts.

It is stated by CBP, if someone performs illegal activities we won’t close our eyes, we have performed this act just to teach the lesson to all that are involved in abusive and unfair acts.

Everyone wants the best products with the best quality so as American consumers but we are completely against forceful labor work as it does not comply with the American laws and Import principles.

We have found a few manufacturing firms that are not complying with our import principles so we have taken the decision to ban such imports.


If we will talk about China, it has happened many times, in past few years it has performed so many mischievous acts that are harmful to human and country, the international pandemic situation COVID 19 is a big matter that is not resolved till date, countries are waiting for the properly verified vaccine for this.

China has to face criticism on a global level, China has also tried to harm the religious and sentimental views of the Uyghurs community.

We can see the updated live marathi news on your favorite news channel.


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