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Communication providers must adapt to manage more complex use cases and new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Embracing an AI system for network orchestration, management, and operations is critical. It solves the complexities of the present network, supports proficiency, and improves the client experience as well as opens up new revenue streams.

What is a zero-touch network? 

As new technologies, for example, 5G, IoT, and Cloud are turning out to be more well-known, networks are turning out to be more complex. It is turning out to be harder and harder for individuals to navigate and it is hard to maintain networks that work at the level defined by the advancing services. We are now overwhelmed by the news and this is the start. Utilizing a 5G network, incorporating data subjects for IoT, and the prerequisites for serious messaging issues is just possible when utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and data analysis to run the “Data-Driven Operations” of the communications network.

The Data-driven operations assist us with getting closer to our “Zero-touch networks” vision.

The Zero Touch Network is a basic and simple-to-use software that uses automated networking and AI to build individuals’ knowledge of its operations. Technology and abilities are needed to work in harmony to accomplish a zero-bandwidth direction. The Zero Touch Network depends on AI, which implies that network segments and capacities should be implemented to help AI technology. 

The number of technologies and strategies needed to accomplish the zero-touch direction, for example,

  • Cloud-native architecture
  • AI-ready for data assortment and management
  • Closed-loop automation
  • Consolidated data analytics, management, and orchestration
  • AI operations

With a wide scope of technology-empowered software services, service providers will confront challenges related to change management, data integration, service structure and APIs, and the lack of interaction between their providers.

Accordingly, it is needed to implement a zero-touch approach, focusing on taking care of the same issue simultaneously, resulting in less effect and longer learning time. With this technique, you can also report changes rapidly as the company studies. It is the basis of zero-touch and will decrease costs simultaneously as launching new services and network abilities to improve client experience.

AI by design

All in all, what is our way to deal with AI? Ericsson’s technology technique hopes to adopt AI over its set of products and services across all parts of the network architecture. Its motivation is to support people and machines to transform engineering and versatile networks into constant learning networks that better address client issues. Use AI to do the following:

  • Improvement of automation capacities within operations and services 
  • Solutions from Power Ericsson 
  • Creating new business opportunities in communication and IoT 

We also believe that AI should be applied where it creates value where it makes a difference most by solving explicit difficulties for telecommunications service providers. It is anything but an all-inclusive tool for each use case possible. 

Our AI solutions are built across networks built by individuals with broad AI and communications ability and an AI-first outlook for any product or service. This is the reason we call it AI by Design: AI. It is an AI designed to take care of current and future communication issues.

To address these issues, we quit working with AI around issues that we believe are truly significant, for example, 

  • Increase the ROI on an established basis without the need to go to sites or include new tools
  • For clients always depend on high-performance networks
  • Delivery of basic enterprise applications and basic infrastructure to national operations
  • Increased client life expectancy and a remarkable QoS experience for businesses 
  • Become familiar with the value of the cloud with better value, diminished costs, and a foundation for new job openings 
  • When operating costs remain at a minimum, demand increases
  • The construction of soft grids after appropriate use and guaranteeing energy dissipation is left to a minimum level while maintaining appropriate performance levels.

Technology building blocks for zero-touch networks

All components of your system and the operations processes need to be implemented with AI integrated from start. This is the thing that we call AI by design. This requires the implementation of AI:

  • BSS through the intellectual support of the customer 
  • Management and orchestral solutions, including automated concept operations, autonomous incident management, assurance predictive analytics, self-organizing networks, and improved workloads.
  • Artificial intelligence empowered transmission, 5G traffic management, load balance on release, expanded communication traffic, versatility, unit of traffic-aware carriers, and radio access with expanded MIMO sleep
  • Cloud core paging to help become familiar with the machine 
  • Ericsson services, for example, smart design, dynamic client care, network services, progressed optimization, and cloud and IT services.

Automation is a fundamental contributor to problem-solving. Software that can operate freely and settle on smart decisions in complex conditions is called intelligent representation (the practical application of AI and MI).

With the introduction of Ericsson Operations Engine joined with network automation solutions, using products, processes, and tools, we have quickened our journey from manual work, responses, events, to zero-touch networking and data-driven versatility.

Surveillance network providers and digital service providers require automated networks and business environments that can adapt them to the real factors of developing business sectors with 5G, Internet of Things, virtualized, and network-empowered virtual reality.

Machine Learning Demonstration (ML) provides many advantages to mobile network operators, particularly in guaranteeing the quality of a consistent experience. In any case, on the head of building a considerable network design, large data transfers needed by an ordinary ML model can be risky from an information security point of view. Shared Learning (FL) empowers these difficulties to be addressed by consolidating “computation into data” as opposed to transferring data into the computation.

GITOps and source management integration

AppViewX integrates with leading version control devices, including GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket. Out-of-the-case integration allows AppViewX to intermittently check for the latest software version, apply changes, and run the work process needed to upgrade the network. The version also works in work processes – each time a new version of a work process is accessible, it is automatically relocated to the version control tool to guarantee that all changes meet the prerequisites of the latest program versions. With version control for network automation errands as well as applications, the DevOps and NetOps teams have a single version of reality and the capacity to precisely track all changes and return them as needed. 


A zero-touch network dependent on the software-based network platform, by the no-touch, automation and AI will be minimizing the issues of men in operations. This necessitates that all parts of your system, including the operational processes that are – AI by Design.


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