Signs To Visit The Podiatrist Right Now!


Everyone has had sore ankles and feet at some point in their lives, and no one is unfamiliar with a blister or two. But what about other types of problems in the feet, such as chronic conditions like arthritis? If someone has problems involving the foot or ankle, visiting the foot doctor is their best bet. This foot doctor is typically known as a Podiatrist. 

The fact is that most people procrastinate seeing a podiatrist because people worldwide are unaware of their existence. The same thing goes for Podiatry in Sydney too. According to NSW Health, people with neuropathy, arthritis, and diabetes are primarily at risk of having podiatry in Sydney.

So, in order to make things simpler, here is a compiled list of the top six symptoms to go see the podiatrist.

  1. Prolonged Pain: Prolonged pain in the ankles or joints can signify arthritis and podiatry. If someone notices swelling, redness, warmth, or stiffness in their ankles, it is time to book an appointment with the podiatrist. A professional like a podiatrist can only recommend appropriate treatment methods to reduce the pain associated with the heel, foot, or ankles.
  1. Diagnosed With Callus: Podiatrists are skilled at treating callus or corn almost daily. These conditions can get more severe over time if they are not treated. There are a few quick and painless ways to treat this problem. The podiatrist can help one get the necessary treatment for callus.
  1. Toenails Are Grown Inward: For many people, having an inward fingernail is painful but a widespread occurrence. It’s better to visit a podiatrist who can treat this condition safely instead of relying on home remedies and treatments. The podiatrist will also prescribe appropriate medications to prevent the risk of infection.
  1. Pain While Walking: Ideally, anyone should not feel pain when walking, running, or doing everyday activities. Yet if it still happens, perhaps it is time to consult the podiatrist to check for signs of injury. Lack of proper care or treatment can lead to more severe conditions and make it harder for patients to even do their daily activities.
  1. Numbness: Persistent numbness or a reduced sensation in the lower portion of the feet is not something you should take lightly and ignore. This condition may signify a hidden problem, such as tendinitis or a fracture that has not entirely healed. Numbness can be caused by nerve damage, common in people with diabetes.
  1. Athlete’s foot: This is one of the commonly occurring fungal infections and can usually be treated with specific ointment. But it reoccurs every now and then. A professional can give you an effective ointment and look for possible infections.
  1. Bony Bump: A bone bump occurs on the upper portion of your big toe joint. The condition can become more painful when the bony bump gets huge. Getting a scan done can help one identify the reason and get some recommended treatments based on the severity of the bony bump.


It is essential to pay attention and have the podiatrist properly diagnose any problem, whether a foot or an ankle condition. Even if one’s feet are healthy, visiting a podiatrist is a good idea and getting the routine checkup done. As per the workforce characteristics, Sydney has 1,146 qualified and registered podiatrists. Henceforth, one can easily find professional podiatrists and get rid of the condition immediately!


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