Surefire Ways to Prevent Residential Electrical Fires in Sydney


Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia and the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is widely known for the harbourfront Sydney Opera House that has a unique sail-like design. According to studies, Sydney is ranked as 5th of the top 10 safest cities on Earth. 

However, residential fires still happen in this city. From time to time, it’s recognized that many homes in Sydney experience electrical fires due to electrical malfunction and electrical failure, which leads to a significant amount of property damage and death toll. 

If you don’t want to experience that first hand, it’s important to hire a trusted electrician in Sydney and know the following surefire ways to prevent residential electrical fires in Sydney. 

Never Neglect Signs of Danger

Some things that need fixing or are broken can be delayed for another day. However, if you can observe any warning signs that could lead to electrical fire and hazard must be dealt with right away.

Once you can observe any of the following danger signs below, contact your trusted electrician near you as soon as possible:

  • Frayed or worn electrical cords
  • Repeatedly blowing fuses without any reason
  • Exposed plugged-in cables
  • Wires sticking out of plugs
  • Scorch marks found on sockets
  • Hot sockets or plugs

Check the Cords and Plugs on Electronics

Never wait for the fire to take place. Meaning, it’s always best if you are more proactive when it comes to keeping electrical fires from happening. You can do so by regularly checking electronic cords and plugs to ensure that they are properly functioning. 

If needed, you can set a reminder using your phone to be reminded to carefully check your cords and plugs and go through your home. Practice feeling the cords while using them and ensure that they are not hot to touch. 

Make Sure Smoke Detectors Are Working

Make sure to go over your home and try out all your smoke detectors once a month. Doing this once every year as you change your detector batteries won’t be enough. Moreover, you have to guarantee that your home is installed with enough smoke detectors and that they are on every level of your house, near the stairs, in every bedroom, and outside every sleeping area. 

Do Not Overload Sockets

One of the surefire ways how electrical fires can take place when you let an electrical socket be overloaded. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by safely using adaptors. 

If possible, make sure to use only one adopter in every socket. Moreover, don’t forget to determine the adapter rating before plugging in any appliances. Compared to block adaptors, it’s better to use bar adaptors with leads. 

Use the Right Wattage for Bulbs

Never be tempted to set up a light bulb with an excessively high wattage into a new light fixture or lamp you recently purchased. It will eventually produce extra heat that can spark a fire or damage the light fixture if you do so. 

Employ a Licensed Electrician

Make sure to not take any shortcuts when it comes to dealing with your electrical work at home. Also, hiring an unlicensed electrician or making electrical service a DIY job is highly discouraged. Otherwise, you cannot get insurance or even pass building inspections when a licensed electrician hasn’t performed this electrical job. Instead, hire a skilled, certified and licensed electrician in Sydney


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