Suryavamsam Songs Download: Your Ultimate Playlist Guide


Are you a fan of the hit Tamil film Suryavamsam and looking to download the songs from the movie? You’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find and download the songs from this beloved film.

Introduction to Suryavamsam:

Suryavamsam is a popular Tamil film that was released in 1997. Directed by Vikraman, the movie stars Sarath Kumar, Devayani, and Raadhika in lead roles. The film’s music was composed by legendary music director SA Rajkumar, who delivered an unforgettable soundtrack that resonated with audiences and is still much loved today.

Finding Suryavamsam Songs for Download:

If you’re looking to download the songs from Suryavamsam, there are several platforms where you can find them. Here are some popular options:

1. iTunes:

- iTunes is a great option for those who prefer to purchase and download high-quality music. You can find the *Suryavamsam* soundtrack on iTunes and download individual songs or the entire album.

2. Gaana:

- Gaana is a popular music streaming service in India that offers a wide range of Tamil songs. You can search for the *Suryavamsam* soundtrack on Gaana and download the songs to listen to offline.

3. YouTube:

- YouTube is another great platform where you can find the songs from *Suryavamsam*. Many users upload the songs with lyrics videos, making it easy for you to listen to your favorite tracks.

4. Wynk Music:

- Wynk Music is a music streaming app that offers a vast collection of Tamil songs, including the soundtrack of *Suryavamsam*. You can download the songs on Wynk and listen to them on the go.

Top Suryavamsam Songs to Download:

Here are some of the top songs from Suryavamsam that you should definitely add to your playlist:

  • “Sundari Kannaal Oru Sethi”
  • “Vennilave Vennilave”
  • “Kudi Kunju Thevuthi”
  • “Chinna Thayee”
  • “Radhe Radhe”

FAQs on Suryavamsam Songs:

Q1: Can I download Suryavamsam songs for free?

- A: There are platforms where you can listen to the songs for free, but for legal and high-quality downloads, it's recommended to purchase the songs from platforms like iTunes or stream them on authorized apps like Gaana and Wynk Music.

Q2: Are the songs from Suryavamsam available on Spotify?

- A: While Spotify may not have the *Suryavamsam* soundtrack, you can find the songs on other platforms like Gaana, Wynk Music, and iTunes.

Q3: Is it legal to download Suryavamsam songs from unauthorized websites?

- A: It's always best to download music from authorized sources to ensure you're not infringing on any copyrights. Opt for legitimate platforms to support the artists and creators.

Q4: Can I find instrumental versions of Suryavamsam songs?

- A: Some platforms might offer instrumental versions of popular songs. You can search for them on music streaming services or YouTube.

Q5: Are there any remixes or covers of Suryavamsam songs available for download?

- A: You might find remixes or covers of *Suryavamsam* songs on platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud, where artists upload their versions of popular tracks.


Suryavamsam has left a lasting impact on Tamil cinema, and its music continues to enchant audiences. By following this guide, you can easily find and download the songs from the film to enjoy the timeless melodies whenever you want. So, fire up your music player, sit back, and let the soulful tunes of Suryavamsam transport you to a world of love and nostalgia.


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