Tips to Delaying ejaculation and enjoy excellent love life

Tips to Delaying ejaculation and enjoy excellent love life

Statistics show that it takes about 7 minutes for the average man to peak from the beginning of physical intercourse. Orgasm in men is usually associated with ejaculation, although there are exceptions. However, most men do not deal with such more or less theoretical issues until they have a problem with premature ejaculation.

More and more men are hurting from premature ejaculation, although official figures are not very informative. Few men admit it publicly, and it’s even worse to assess what is meant by premature ejaculation and in which cases it is already a severe problem.

I know quite well what this is about because I went through this problem. Something that doesn’t even seem like a tough thing at first can grow into an almost unsolvable case, which can cause considerable problems in an otherwise high-quality relationship. That’s why I decided to help you clarify this issue.

What problems occur with ejaculation and what are their symptoms

When we talk about disorders and problems with ejaculation, there are usually two most common causes. The first is waiting too long for ejaculation. The second case is too fast ejaculation. Claims of excessive ejaculation or lack of ejaculate are less common and known.

Here are the problems mentioned above in more detail:

Delayed ejaculation: 

A less common problem in men is achieving ejaculation after too long get some pills like Fildena. It usually has to do with the fact that orgasm does not come as fast as a man would like. This can be caused, for example, by too frequent intercourse, too frequent masturbation, or a problem of a neurological nature.

Premature ejaculation: 

The opposite case is premature ejaculation, when the climax occurs much earlier, even after one minute. Such a phenomenon can be caused either by physical inexperience, too long physical abstinence, or it is a problem with a short bridle, or it can be caused by excessive arousal due to physical stimulation.

Excessive ejaculation: 

If you feel that too much sperm is recurring at the climax, it may be a problem with the seed itself or a more natural cause. The amount and consistency of ejaculate are influenced, for example, by facts such as the flooding of the organism.

Insufficient ejaculation: 

The opposite situation, on the other hand, is a lack of ejaculate. Statistics show that a healthy man can produce up to 17 liters of ejaculate throughout his life try some medicine like Fildena 120 at Himsedpills or vigora 100. If it seems to you or your partner that the amount of ejaculate is wrong, you should see a doctor.

Causes of problems with premature ejaculation

Of the above types of disorders, I will now focus more on premature ejaculation. Too rapid a culmination, which is associated with the outpouring of semen, can have several causes. Some are more natural. Others can only be treated with surgery.

These are possible factors influencing premature ejaculation:

Genital shape and bridle: 

Physiology can play an important role in premature ejaculation, especially if you need a harness that is too short. Similarly, the shape of the acorn and the physiology of the entire genitalia effect that the man is more arousing or that he can have less influence on when the ejaculation occurs.


Inflammation of the urinary tract, inflammation of the prostate, or other disruption of the urethra can affect or cause a man to lose control of his orgasm and problems opening or closing the fallopian tubes. Other inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital or excretory system can also significantly affect uncontrolled ejaculation.

Nerve receptor malfunction: 

If you have a problem with nerve endings in the body or even a pain in the central nervous system, there is also a problem with the correct evaluation of physical stimulation in the body, and orgasm may appear after a few moments. The opposite extreme is a situation where a man does not experience orgasm at all.

S*xual abstinence: 

Have you had more extended s*xual abstinence? In this case, it is necessary to prepare for premature ejaculation to last for some time. Naturally, young men, in particular, suffer from premature ejaculation at the beginning of their love life. Still, if you have not had s*x for a long time, you can very easily find yourself in a similar situation.

PC muscle weakness: 

PC muscle is an acronym for pub coccygeal power, which is mainly responsible for our ability to hold back urination and ejaculation before we want it. If this muscle is weakened, a man cannot prevent ejaculation even if he wants to, even if he has never had a problem with this disorder.

Mental problems: 

Some men suffer from anxiety, inability to concentrate, are stressed or under pressure, or if you have a more serious mental disorder, part of the symptoms of such a condition is premature ejaculation quite natural. With cognitive problems, the opposite extreme can also occur, namely delayed ejaculation.

How to delay ejaculation

There are several ways to delay ejaculation. However, it is always necessary to determine the possible cause or possible causes of such a condition. Initially, I recommend focusing on eliminating physiological or psychological symptoms and then moving on.

Here is my guide and advice on what can all help to deal with premature ejaculation:

Solving mental problems

If you know that you are suffering from stress, nervousness, anxiety, overwork, or feel that you are out of your optimal mental and mental condition, I can advise you to focus your efforts in this direction first. At first glance, these problems seem “banal,” but believe me, your erection, ejaculation, and potency are more affected than you realize.

Surgical adjustment of the harness

How can you tell if something is wrong with your harness or p*nis physiology? Unfortunately, not by a simple comparison. If you have been suffering from premature ejaculation “since time immemorial” or if your partner is trying to suggest something, see a doctor be sure. A problem of this type can usually be solved only surgically. It is not advisable to procrastinate with it.

Kegel exercises and Master-Johnson exercises

The first named, the so-called Kegel exercises, were initially intended for women and strengthened the muscles before and after childbirth. They can also be used by men, significantly to improve the condition of their PC muscle. The Master-Johnson exercise or method, in turn, serves to be able to stop the climax just above the acorn ridge.

Changes before and during physical intercourse

Physical intercourse can also help with ejaculation too quickly. For example, try masturbating in front of him to get rid of physical tension. During intercourse, think of something as*xual, take breaks, or try to breathe more slowly. At the same time, I would recommend having s*x more often, because even here it is true that training makes perfect use Fildena 150mg.

Decreased sensitivity

Another way to reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation is to lower the threshold for sensitivity to physical stimulation. In this case, it is possible to use erection rings on the p*nis, use a thicker condom, or try two condoms at once. There are gels and creams on the p*nis that can reduce sensitivity or start with a smaller alcohol dose. A glass of red wine worked quite well for me.

Tablets to delay ejaculation.

If your problem is more serious, I would recommend, in addition to the “home recipes” mentioned above, also tablets that are designed to prolong your erection and delay orgasm. I’m talking about tablets with a natural composition, which are not on prescription and are without side effects, but at the same time, they have proven products with a certain degree of effectiveness.


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