Top 10 Amazing Temples to Visit in Thailand

Top 10 Amazing Temples to Visit in Thailand
Top 10 Amazing Temples to Visit in Thailand

According to records, there are about 40,717 Buddhist temples in Thailand, of which 33,902 still operate today. In truth, Thailand is often considered a Buddhist country and plays a major role in everyday life. Indigenes are believed to visit the temple to pray to the Buddha for petitions such as sound health, good luck, long life among many other things. To get to these temples, you will need to book a flight ticket from Delta Airlines Reservations. So hurry up and get Delta Airlines tickets booked.

The Buddha’s structures have inspired tourists to come to Thailand, not just for spiritual inclinations or social significance, but to feed their eyes and emotions with impressive and amazing structures. Here is the list of top 10 amazing temples in Thailand

1. Wat Rong Khun

It is often considered as a white temple. This is because it is the most accepted and photographed temple in Thailand. The temple is painted with white color and is constructed with pieces of glass. The glass pieces are structured in plaster in such a way that it shines directly to the sun.

The distinct white color of the temple symbolizes the purity of the Buddha and the glass reflects the wisdom of the Buddha. The overall reconstruction of the temple began in the second half of the 20th century and is still very much going on today. From the construction structure, the temple will have nine separate buildings covering the shelter for the working monks.

2. Wat Tham Pham Plong

Wat Tham Pham Plong is located in the northern belt of Chiang Dao and is half of a hill around a small cave. The specialty of the temple is that the surrounding forest is yet very peaceful and a place to visit in Thailand. It takes about 500 steps to visit the temple.

Working monks who use the Vata Tham Charan temple as a means of habitation, which allows tourists or anyone visiting the temple to conduct meditation classes. Meditation classes begin at 3.00 pm. It was recorded that the Reverend monk Luang Bu Sim Budakaro was in the last teaching at Wat Tham Pha Plong Temple.

3. Vat Suthat 

Wat Suthat is located in a popular city called Bangkok and is one of the long-lived temples in Bangkok. It was concluded during the reign of King Rama III. The temple has a huge red swing tower that stands at the entrance.

Vishal is said to be around twenty meters tall of the Grand Palace. It has a large sculpted Buddha statue which is the center of attraction of the room. There are about 156 Buddha paintings on them from the outside wall. These pictures are intricate hand orchestrated designs that will make your jaw drop at first glance.

4. Wat Pho

Popular among tourists is the Wat Pho Temple located in the city of Bangkok. According to Wat Pho’s guide book, it is generally considered as a temple of the Topping Buddha. You should not go to Bangkok without visiting Wat Pho Temple.

The famous Buddha statues recurred from the Wat Pho Temple. The temple is 46 meters tall in terms of height and is completely wrapped in gold leaf. The Buddha’s feet are marked with 108 illustrations that convey the entire 108 Kriyas that assisted the Buddha to perfection. The best school in Thailand is located in Wat Pho Temple.

5. Wat Arun

It is a stunning and enchanting temple for your next tourist destination. It is combined with a collection of spiders, unlike other temples.

The temples are colorfully decorated to give it a sleek look and feel. The highest outpost is decorated with porcelain in minute pieces and in terms of height over seventy meters. From the central Prague of the temple, you can certainly have spectacular views of local milestones and inclusive rivers.

6. Wat Mahathat 

Wat Mahathat is the main headquarters of the Order of the Monastery of Thailand. If you are looking for an important and important place to study Buddhism and meditation, then you should consider Wat Mahathat Temple as the best school to study. Book a flight ticket quickly with Delta Reservations.

According to history, the temple was originally built for the purpose of accommodating many Buddhas. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. It is marked with a market next to the temple which opens every Sunday for the exchange of goods and services. The market is the largest talisman market in Bangkok. Charm, amulets, and medicines are sold in a bid to dispel the evil spirit.

7. Wat Ku tao

The temple was built in 1613 to care for the ashes of a prince Saravadi who was a Burmese surcharge. It is located in Chiang Mag, an industrial city in Thailand. The name of the temple is derived from the northern terminology for melons. The pagoda of the temple is said to have been obtained from the Chinese and Indians.

You can apply for a Thailand e Visa for Indian Toasto, take your tour to visit Wat Kuo Tao Temple. The body of the pagoda can be summarized into five regions, which symbolize the five different Buddhas of this present century.

8. Punturat temple

The Punturat Temple sits inside a forested forest reserve in the southern belt of Thailand. The park is the oldest rainforest in the world and popular for elephant trekking. The temple is usually located around a cave called the Monkey Cave, established on a limestone plateau.

9. Wat Phu Khao Thong

It is also known as the Golden Mountains, which is located in the old capital of Ayutthaya. It was established to acknowledge and accept King Naresuan’s victory over the Burmese. Looking down is a Burmese style while the upper part is Ayutya local style. It is characterized by a gold ball and a chedi which is about eighty meters long. If you wish to come from India, Thailand’s e-Visa for Indians can be easily obtained without any worry.

10. Wat Benjamabophit

Wat Benjamabophit is the most beautiful temple you will find in Bangkok. The name is derived from the marble temple and the Carrara marble directly imported from Italy. The temple has small separate buildings instead of Chedi or a central vihan. When you plan a trip to Thailand, it should be in your tourism plans.


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