Top 4 Tips to Choose Sectional Couch Covers

Sectional Couch

Many people focus on renovating their living rooms but don’t know how to cover up or protect sectional couches. For them, an attractive sectional couch cover is undoubtedly a great solution to their problem. Before you decide to throw your old sectional couch and purchase a new one, you should give sectional couch covers a try. 

There are various sectional couch cover designs, materials, and styles available in the market. This is why choosing the perfect couch cover might be a daunting task. Many people don’t know where to begin their searches. Hence, they end up choosing covers that are rough or irrelevant for their couch. 

So, if you want to purchase the perfect cover for your sectional couch, you need to remember few tips. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips to choose sectional couch covers. 

The Fabric

One of the first things you need to consider while choosing sectional couch covers is its fabric. Fabric plays a massive role in determining the overall comfort and durability of the covers. 

Do you have pets or children in your home? If you do, cotton should be your first choice. As per York Shire Fabric Shop, cotton is soft, light, breathable, durable, and washable, and absorbs water easily. If you want a sectional couch cover that is versatile and comfortable, you should always go for cotton. However, cotton covers get wrinkled easily. So, you need to steam them regularly. 

On the other hand, you can also choose linen as another popular fabric for sectional couch covers. It combines longevity and comforts in the best way possible. 

The Durability

If you choose a material that is non-durable and delicate, you cannot expect your sectional couch covers to be rigid. If durability is your first choice, you should choose covers that will last for a couple of years. 

There are some specific features you need to keep in mind while choosing sectional couch covers that will last for years. Purchasing a couch cover that will shrink after one wash will only waste your money. 

Most people choose sectional couch covers crafted from twill, cotton, canvas, and denim as they are capable of withstanding high wear and tear. These types of covers are stain-resistant as well as waterproof. 

However, keep in mind that excessive washing with detergents or bleach will affect the durability of the covers. 

The Size

Unless you’re picking sectional couch covers that are stretchable, it’s very important to choose covers or perfect size. Don’t forget to get the correct sizing of your sectional couch by measuring the length of the couch from back to front. Additionally, measure the height of your sectional couch from bottom to top. 

Once you take accurate measurements, choose covers that will fit your sectional couch perfectly. Make sure the fitting isn’t too tight for the couch. 

The Design

Now that you know the fabric, durability, and size of your sectional couch covers, you need to determine the design. Remember that the design of couch covers is highly dependent on your personal preferences and budget. 

If you have a tight budget, you should consider purchasing ready-made covers. Since these types of covers are available only in a standard size, they are perfect for specific couch dimensions. Apart from that, they require low maintenance. 

On the other hand, if you want to enhance the beauty of your sofa, you should choose customized covers. This way you can personalize the color, design, and fabric of the covers. 


These are the top 4 tips to choose sectional couch covers. Remember that couch is one of the most attractive furniture items in your house. So, make sure you protect them by using great covers. 


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