Venetian Polished Plaster- The Next Best Choice For Your Home

Polished plaster is a term that is a new and updated version of the traditional Italian plaster finish. This term covers a wide range of decorative plaster ranging from polished plasters to rugged look plasters that give a luxurious look to your home. The main among the category of polished plasters is the venetian polished plaster that is a wall and ceiling finish consisting of plaster mixed with marble dust, applied with a spatula in thin multiple layers, which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. 

The Venetian polished plaster can be tinted or colored using synthetic or natural colorants. The ability to tint the plaster is helpful when a specific colour of marble is desired or when a colour that doesn’t exist naturally is wanted.  It can also be made waterproof by applying a coat of wax sealant.

Things To Know While Choosing Venetian Polished Plaster:

Today if you go to any company with a desire to renovate or refurbish your home, you will have multiple options with regard to your requirement. There are still a few things that one must keep in mind being a buyer:

  • The final look that will come out with  the plaster’s finish is something that most owners cherish and expect to customise it according to the style and furnishing of their house. Make sure to go to a company that will take into account your taste, views, and considerations to suit your style.
  • Where could you use the product? One can use a venetian polished plaster extensively in their ceilings, walls, critical places like an archway or columns and even surroundings of your fireplace walls. It can be specially used on surfaces where marble panels could not be installed easily. Before directly choosing to apply the product, make sure you consult a manufacturer or a plaster consultant who will determine the exact need of your house. 
  • Durability And Subtle Finish: The plaster dies down to hard and an extremely durable finish. If you desire to use the plaster on the exterior, then it is evident that it will look like a concrete render but with a higher finish and weather durability in the longer run.
  • Less Harmful Compared To Other Plasters: Harmful and volatile organic compounds are released when using a non-natural product like acrylic paints or toxic glues. The lime compound in this plaster makes the product more natural and non-toxic.
  • Maintaining A Venetian Polished Plaster: a plaster that contains a lime compound or mould is said to have a lifetime finish. Most plasters tend to shrink or crack open with time, but lime plasters tend to glow with a stunning coating as they age with time. 

With a re-coating of wax, every alternate year on top of the plaster you can also repel dirt elements. Even if cleaning is required, only water will always be enough.

Can The Plaster Be Applied On Your Own? 

It requires a lot of skill and expertise to apply a plaster that is so good and home-friendly. It is always safe to call an expert or specialist who knows the exact application process. 

Still, if you want to apply a venetian polished plaster on your own, you can go ahead but it may result in an uneven patchy surface that would not look good. Therefore, it is best to leave the work in the hands of an expert.

How Much Would A Complete Plastering Cost You?

The biggest question that anyone would ask would be the cost of such a suitable and durable plaster. The quality would match the price, but space or the finish is going to determine the overall expense.


If you are planning for a renovation soon and looking for a top-quality product that is durable, then venetian polished plaster is the best choice. Your home will not need a further touch up once the plaster is applied. Therefore, while consulting a specialist or a professional, make sure to mention the product and your needs.

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