What Are The Advantages Of SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is now the most effective marketing tool in India. Promotional and transactional SMS are included in bulk SMS. There are many services which are very useful for your business mainly for the startup business.

These are the few things which are included in bulk sms are: Best Bulk SMS Service helps connect customers to each new and current customer instead of sending messages to each individual customer. There are two primary forms of bulk SMS, promotional and transactional. All kinds of SMS provide various types of messages for different purposes sent to viewers. Nonetheless, ads and transactional SMS are used for product and service marketing to reach various forms of audience you choose. The transactional and promotional SMS marketing details lets you pick the best SMS marketing platform for your business needs.

Transactional SMS:- The messages sent to the viewers in order to provide the public with vital information on the facilities and products are referred to as transactional SMSs. Messages are used for transaction paths. Transactional communications for giving OPTs, booking notices, order updates and other valuable notifications to customers are being sought. Similar messages are sent to both DND and non-DND registered customers. Messages contain confidential financial information , for example informing the customer about cash transactions and payment details. 

The Dos and Don'ts of SMS Marketing

Advantages of transactional SMS: 

Transactional text messages have their advantages listed here:- 

You can also send these messages to DND numbers 

In the event of a transactional emergency, alerts are sent immediately 

In comparison to ads, transactional messages may be shared at any time with the public. 

Promotional SMS:- The main purpose of sending promotional messages is the effective tracking of marketing concepts or approaches to find modest solutions. Promotional SMS Service is sent to promote the products and services of your business. Promotional messages may be sent to non-DND contact numbers from 9 am to 9 pm. For promotional purposes there will be few types by which your business promotion is done.

Here are some examples of advertising text messages:- 

Dear client, our warmest thanks on behalf of our employees. We have submitted a restaurant voucher with a buffet and a discount of 30 percent. Valid until next Sunday. Show this SMS and use the bid. 

Get 20% OFF on your first order. Using our exclusive offers and establishing an account with us. Mainly promotional sms are given on few special events or any special occasions with some discount on their particular service.

Join us and be the first one to learn about our unique products and deals, promotions, events, donations, etc. The response to 12345 is ‘ABCDE.’ 

Which are the advanced features of SMS marketing? 

The promotional features of SMS marketing are described below. 

The transmission ID is created by the dynamic transmitter number 

This SMS form provides the normal gateway and high priority 

Multiple gateways are automatically assigned in promotional text messages 

Transactional and promotional SMS are relevant for marketing purposes. They are used to quickly hit the largest number of customers.

The BulkSMS solution is fast , efficient and easy to use. Everyone can write and send personalized SMS messages to an individual or a group of contacts. 

More and more medium-sized and small businesses now use bulk SMS to connect with their clients and meet new potential customers. Don’t be left behind in the race, therefore. Start using bulk SMS as your primary form of communication and marketing. 

With the help of our SMS Marketing Services, BulkSMS helps you and your customers to know more about yourself. through our services new people and their customers.

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