What is a good set of spanners?

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artiom vallat FGM1YATM3BM unsplash

A good set of spanners is one of the most important tools for your trade. Spanners come in a range of shapes and sizes all engineered to use leverage and torque to loosen fasteners. When choosing your spanner set consider the material, finish, torque and sizes included, plus how well the sizes are marked for ease of selection. A twelve piece spanner set ranges from 8 mm to 12 mm and offers an excellent choice of size for all workshop requirements. The most commonly used are combination open ended and ratchet spanners which provide a dual function tool. 

Here are our picks for good spanner sets for your budget. 

Under $500

Gear Wrench 12 Piece Spanner Set 

The Gear Wrench is the original patented ratcheting wrench with off-corner design offers quality craftsmanship and functionality and saves time on rounding. Each spanner is size stamped for quick recognition and the polished chrome finish over hardened alloy steel gives you a durable and easy to use tool.

RS PRO 14 Piece Chrome Vanadium Steel Spanner Set 

This is a hard wearing and efficient general purpose combination spanner set, with a 72 tooth reversible ratchet end that allows for a quick change of direction without having to move the spanner. The spanners have a 150 angle offset which saves your knuckles and offers better access. 

Over $500

Wera 11 Piece Chrome Molybdenum Steel Spanner Set 

This high quality set is constructed in creep-resistant Chrome Molybdenum, for a spanner that is reliable and durable under high pressure and temperatures. A replaceable metal plate in the jaw reduces any chance of slipping and the extra hard teeth, integrated limit and double hex geometry provides extra torque and a strong grip on nuts and bolts. The 300 return angle on open end of the spanner is great for flexible operations in tight spaces, as does the ratchet’s 80 fine tooth mechanism.  

Colour coding of each spanner by size makes it pretty quick to grab the spanner you need in the middle of a job. All in all this set has everything you need in a spanner set plus plenty more.  

Bahco Metric Combination Spanner Set 

The high performance Bahco combination spanner set brings a 72 tooth ring ratchet with an integrated gear for strong torque and a 150 angle that improves grip and helps with getting into those confined spots. This new range from Bahco is versatile, easy to use and is torque tested to 125% of ISO standard.

The open ended spanner side has a Dynamic-Drive Profile, distributing the torque load only through the flats of the nut. This provides better force and stops the spanner damaging the corners of the nut as it turns. The Chrome matt finish reduces glare and is ideal for working under lights. This set comes in a plastic pouch that has its own locking mechanism. 

Your spanner set will be one of your most regularly used business investments. For a great range of spanners to suit all requirements, try RS Online now. 


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