What is cloud storage? Why should you use cloud storage?

The technological revolution is gradually going into every corner of life, many businesses are moving and optimizing their entire equipment system to be the most streamlined and efficient. And in that, the problem of storing and online data security solutions of businesses will always be a painful problem that everyone will encounter. The constant upgrade of new hardware makes the cost of maintenance and operation of the business very expensive, instead choosing to use cloud storage services is one of the most suitable solutions for business owners in the digital transformation industry today. So what is cloud storage? How many types of cloud storage? Why should you use cloud storage? Which cloud storage services are best today? The most detailed answers will be in our following article.

1. What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a form of storage that allows users to store, manage, backup or share their data remotely. With cloud storage services, only with the internet, users can access the files at any time.

Cloud storage services can be accessed via a colocated cloud service, an application programming interface web service (API) or by applications that use APIs, such as storage. cloud storage, a cloud storage portal or Web based content management system.

2. What types of cloud storage are there?

Cloud storage is divided into the following 4 categories:

Personal Cloud: This type of cloud storage helps keep confidential and ensure data on smartphones. If you accidentally lose your phone, you’re not afraid to lose your contacts.

Private Cloud: This type of cloud storage is suitable for companies, medium and large enterprises. The hardware that the company or business leases will be located at the supplier. In particular, the two-way synchronization mechanism of Private Cloud is suitable for large applications such as ERP or Database systems.

Public Cloud: This type of cloud storage provides resources such as Storage, server through the internet. With this form of storage, all resources including applications, hardware, … are managed by the service provider.

Hybrid Cloud: This is a form of cloud storage combining between Private Cloud and Public Cloud. The advantage of this form of hosting is flexibility and robustness. The downside is that it takes time and the cost is quite expensive.

3. Why should you use cloud storage?

1.For individuals

 High bandwidth

Most cloud storage services have high bandwidth. When you want to send an email to your boss, you just need to paste a link to the file you store and share your view to be done.

 Easy to use

Computer interface or online web that cloud storage services provide are friendly. You just need to drag and drop data from local storage to hard drive in the cloud only.

 High accessibility

With cloud storage service, you can access data anytime, anywhere just need internet.

2.For businesses

 Simple information management

Cloud storage helps businesses manage information more easily such as decentralization, internal data sharing, personal data sharing or membership management.

 Lower investment costs

With cloud storage services, you will not have to spend a lot of money to buy hard drives, hardware or budget for maintenance and expansion later. Using cloud storage, you can add and delete storage space when you want and just pay for what you use.

 Implementation time is reduced

Administrators only need to determine the amount of data, the total amount of storage needed, and the deployment deployment that already has cloud storage.


Using cloud storage is also when you have a copy of important data available. If unfortunately the data is lost or damaged you do not need to worry because there is still a copy of this.

4. What is the best cloud storage service today?

 Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that is no stranger to users. You can easily use Google Drive just need a Gmail account .. Upload and download speed of this storage service quickly. In particular, it can attach to simple emails. Google Drive is suitable for individual users.


OneDrive is a Microsoft product. This cloud storage service was created for versions of Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. The advantage of OneDrive is its good storage capacity and high security capabilities. Memory equipped with up to 15GB, completely free. Therefore, users can freely store the things they like. OneDrive is suitable for personal storage.


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage application, which is highly competitive with 5GB of free storage. Mac Finder application integrated iCloud Drive helps users store any file. Documents created in the iWork suite can also be saved to iCloud by the user.


NextCloud is an innovative cloud storage solution, cloud lockers that can be adjusted to the needs of users. NextCloud provides free software to download and install cloud storage services on your own server. You can also enable encryption and rest assured that information never leaves your home network.

Cloud VPS is built on the cloud computing platform, which is becoming the hottest trend in the technology industry today. Many providers around the world have also adopted and are expanding the development of Cloud VPS and if you are looking for a cloud storage service, please refer to our article. Possibly it’ll be of awesome offer assistance to you!

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