What You Should Know about Domain Authority

Domain Authority
Domain Authority

There are hundreds of indexes in the web matrix, but there is a web index whose importance increases drastically in the SEO world. That web index is the Domain Authority (DA).

Domain Authority is the reputation or reliability of a website with a score (0-100) and developed by Moz, estimating how a website will rank on Google and other search engines. A website with a high DA score can rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

What is Authority Site?

Authority Site is a trustworthy website that provides in-depth content on various topics in a field. It is trusted by users, trusted by industry experts, and trusted by search engines.

Major news publishers, such as the BBC, the Huffington Post, as well as industry blogs and well-known websites in the SEO world like Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, etc.

Most website owners have a common goal which is ranking higher in search engines. In this post, I will share practical methods that will help you increase your website’s Domain Authority. But before talking about these methods, first, we need to know why increasing the website’s DA index is so important.

What is The Purpose of Increasing Domain Authority for Website?

Increasing Domain Authority will increase the ability to rank websites on Google and other search engines. Sometimes, you may find a website with lower DA content than sites with high DA with less attractive content.

DA is very important for ranking search engines. Here are some factors to consider about Domain Authority:

  • To calculate the Domain Authority, more than 40 signals are considered.
  • Sites that rank higher on search engines often have high DA ratings.
  • High Domain Authority -> rank higher in search engines -> more traffic.
  • Domain Authority does not increase overnight.

How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority?

To raise your DA score, you need a great strategy, thousands of great content, and lots of patience. If your DA is about 10 or 15, you will easily raise it to 30 or 40. But when you increase your DA score above 50, it will be an absolute challenge for you to keep it go up. Let’s take a look several ways below that will help you achieve better DA points.

  • Publish quality content
  • Onpage SEO
  • Internal linking is the key
  • Create high quality links for websites
  • Delete bad links
  • Be patient so your domain has time to grow
  • Increase frequency of publication

Improve your DA and SEO with Content marketing

In improving the project, the content and optimization always go hand in hand. You can not increase the DA without improving the overall SEO of the website.

The main focus should be on content. Content marketing is the key that will open all doors for online business. You can never rank high for a site with poor content, no matter how you optimize. For me, content is always more important than anything.

Through this short but concise article, we hope that now you can understand what DA is and how important it is to your site. And, keep working hard and being patient to increase your DA gradually.   


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