What’s the role of the Product Owner at the Daily Scrum?

While thinking about getting certified with the Scrum Product Owner certification, you must have wondered regarding the role of a Scrum Product Owner. In order to understand the role of the Product owner, it is mandatory to first comprehend who is a product owner and what exactly is a Daily Scrum? In this paper today, we are going to examine the role of Product Owner with context to the daily scrum and will also look at the major roles played by the Product owner, who exactly is a product owner and what a Daily Scrum is. So stay connected until the end to collect more information regarding a Product Owner.

To begin let us consider the Daily Scrum in detail.

What is a daily scrum?

The Daily Scrum event is kind of a meeting that takes place with the development team at a designated same place. The designated time period of the daily Scrum is 15 minutes and in those 15 minutes, the development team assesses the progress report since the last Daily scrum that was held and also harmonizes activities to create a work plan for the next 24 hours. The planning is crucial not only for the Daily Scrum but in general adds value and substance to the entire project and its development. Daily Scrum is a stand-up meeting that held at the end of every sprint and aims at the anticipated increment as the Sprint nears its end. 

Daily Scrum advances the likelihood of accomplishing the Sprint goal by the development team. The major idea associated with the Daily Scrum is to cart out the level of progress as far as the work in Sprint backlog is concerned. The heart of the Daily Scrum is associated with the Development team and their probability of achieving the Sprint Goal.

There are certain benefits associated with the Daily Scrum and are as follows:

  • It is because of the Daily Scrum that the communications get smoother and because of great communication channels the teams are able to deliver their best to achieve the desired goals.
  • Daily Scrum also intends at eliminating the need for other elaborate meetings that not only wastes time but also goes in vain as far as the outcomes and the results are concerned.
  • The development team can focus on the impediments that are creating hindrances in the path of progress. Once identified, such impediments could be overthrown because of the Daily Scrum.
  • Daily scrum also advocates the need for having quick responses as far as decisions are concerned. It works to provide a quick decision-making process.
  • The development team can also upgrade their knowledge through the Daily Scrum that takes place at the end of the Sprint.

Daily Scrum can be summarized as an inspection and adaptation meeting that focuses on building a foolproof plan that actually works for the Development team and their job is sorted for the next 24 hours as they have their eyes on something to achieve until the next Daily Scrum meeting wherein they can further discuss what went wrong and what needs to be done.

Role of a product owner at the Daily Scrum

The Product Owner (PO) is considered as a silent observer in the daily stand-ups that are held with the Development teams. As far as the Daily Scrum is concerned, the role of a Product Owner is restricted to attending the meeting also but they should not participate. Their active participation is not required as far as the Daily Scrum is concerned. They must attend the stand-ups in order to observe the progress made by the development team. 

The activity of merely observing the Daily Scrum may serve a plethora of purposes for someone who has attended the certified scrum product owner training online and is a Product owner. The purposes are as follows:

  • Being a front-row observer, the Product Owners can get an actual view of the progress made by the development team. The team’s day to day capacity can be analyzed and measured by the Product owner. This in turn helps with the forecasting of the actual results and outcomes.
  • It further helps in establishing a clear picture of communication between the development team and the product owner as they don’t have to start from scratch owing to the fact that the product owner has a clear idea about the progress of the development team and their work.
  • Presence of a Product Owner in the Daily scrum could help with the Backlog refinement process; it can also double up as an early warning system that could come handy when an early termination is required.

Having said all of the above, the product owner is the part of the team and therefore his or her presence is required for the ultimate success of the entire team’s work. Product Owners act as a direct connection to the businesses that finalize whether a work is done or not. Consequently, the presence of the Product Owner is ultimate and important because they must know about the progress of the projects so that they get into space where they can advocate on the team’s behalf. The Product owners are indispensable as far as Daily Scrum is concerned. However, their attendance in the Daily Scrum is not mandatory or necessary but it can add a lot of value to the entire project development as they are in the sphere where they can answer the questions that the development team may have. Once the development team has answers to their questions they can proceed with their work with a much clearer perspective and approach. This ultimately adds volume to the entire project. 
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