Why is diversity training important in Melbourne?

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More than 80% of the Australian population believes that multiculturalism is important for the country’s growth. Through cultural diversity training programs, organizations become more open to hiring people from all different backgrounds, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Diversity also includes age, marital status, socio-economic background, and work experience.

Australia is one of the largest and world’s oldest multicultural societies, with more than 270 nationalities.  More than seven million people have migrated to Australia since 1945 and have enormously contributed to the country’s growth. This diverse population has brought in billions of dollars in revenue to the Australian economy.

One in four Australian nationals is born overseas, and 46% of the population has at least one non-native parent. Additionally, almost 20% of the population speaks a language other than English at home. This diversity has flowed into the workplace, and around 13% of employees come from non-English speaking countries. More than 50% of the Australian workforce has contacted people from different cultural backgrounds at least once in their life.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts the number of employees over the age of 50 years will increase by 1/5 in the next few years. Due to low population growth, senior Australian citizens are going to stay longer in the workforce while the rate of younger employees is declining. 

It also estimates that women make up 47% of the total workforce population, of which 25.6% are working full-time while 21.4% are part-time workers. 

Reasons to Use Diversity Training in Australia

With such a diverse workforce, it is important for Australian workplaces to offer diversity training programs. It increases cultural awareness, knowledge, promotes teamwork, and progresses communication that benefits an organization. A successful diversity training program will create a positive work environment that recognizes differences and is more tolerant.

Diversity training in melbourne can create awareness, bring in knowledge, and educate employees of differences. These training programs also bring out the best in their employees and remove communication barriers for a productive work environment.

Companies can even find multiple online courses, making it easier for employees to access training sessions, regardless of their busy schedules. Depending on your needs and diversity plan, a training session may cost you as little as a few dollars per employee.

These training sessions may cover bullying, gender inequality, talent management, unconscious biases, and employment rights, to name a few. These diversity sessions will boost productivity, enhance skills, and improve service provision. They will also engender greater engagement at work a and a broader spirit of respect and empathy between different employees


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