Why Should You Stretch Before Every Workout?

Why Should You Stretch
Why Should You Stretch

Fitness is one of the biggest concerns of the masses today. After years of adapting to an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food, people are finally taking small steps to get fit. One of their means is to work out. Doing exercises is very important for a healthy lifestyle. But at the same time, we see so many people complain about their muscle soreness and pain. And throughout pain and stiffness, they have to discontinue their workouts. Here, we will try to understand scientifically the reasons behind the pain and how to prevent it.

Reasons why you feel pain

The biggest problem that we face is that of muscular pain after a workout. Whenever we perform some type of exercise, we target a particular muscle. The muscles and tissues involved in that exercise get tear and goes through a period of recovery. The pain is even more severe when we don’t perform stretching before performing exercises. So, one thing is certain and you have to accept that there is no way that you can stop it but you can certainly reduce its magnitude by taking some precautions. Let’s take a look at how we can prevent the magnitude of the pain.

Importance of Stretching

So, thing is that our muscles and tissues tend to stretch to a certain extent. If we forcefully try to stretch them beyond their limits then we put our muscles at a risk where there are chances that they get damaged. This over-stretch beyond their limits happens when we lift heavier weights beyond our capabilities or unintentionally stretch a certain body part beyond the flexibility range. Sometimes, we even hurt over muscles with an injury. 

 The role of stretching thus becomes very important. The basic idea of warm-up and stretching is to prepare the body to perform different easy and difficult tasks that require contraction and expansion of muscles. So, if we stretch our muscles and tissues before performing a task then it prevents damage caused to the muscles. Just like we use different preventive gears like elbow and knee guards, wrist bands, and other guards to protect our body from external injuries, we must also protect our muscles because internal injuries are more dangerous. We even use proper comfortable shoes to protect our toes and ankles. Speaking of shoes, you must get the high-quality shoes from the Nike Black Friday 2020 Sale as they are a bit more expensive on regular days.

How to Cure Muscular Injuries

There is an old saying that, prevention is better than cure.’’ So, first, you must try to prevent those muscular injuries because as discussed above, they are more dangerous than external injuries as we can’t see the injury with our eyes. Also, muscular injuries may affect the performance of an athlete on a given day. But if you have injured yourself, there is no going back. You must respond immediately. The first thing that you can do is to treat your injury with Cold Therapy. It is one of the most effective methods to treat muscular injuries and is recommended by physiologists all across the globe. You can also treat your injuries with therapeutic massages. The deep tissue massages can heal your muscular and tissue injuries with the help of essential oils. These methods are way better than taking pain-killers as they heal you naturally.


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