Write for us

Write for us

The content needs to be 100 % original and must not imitate any similar contents published anywhere else in order to be featured on our website. We welcome articles that educate our readers in particular about Agile IT business strategies, leadership, trends and developments. All related content is recommended for the courses that we sell. A detailed and reviewed paper will be presented by our respected authors, who are also the well-known industry experts. Your content must be rich in relevant knowledge and industry updates in order to be featured on our website. 

Well Written

We only publish very well-articulated blogs on our web. Your style as a writer will be very special, to get readers involved. 

Basic Commitments & Values

Each business’s values are important. We believe that it is important for us to do business with a good heart which understands where others come from and are determined to work ethically in the best interests of our partners. We always seek out people who communicate with each other and work with customers in order to ensure that we always achieve the right excellent service.

We have the back of each other, give each other cups of tea, and roll up sleeves if a co-worker wants a boost. Such ideals are also the product of good kinship and sound values.

Trust, fairness, working ethics, dedication to quality, dignity and kindness are very critical

Skill Testing

Advertising Research has digital marketing skills checking. Throughout the years, we found that we don’t know whether a commercializer will do the stuff they say before they start. So, if you really work for your business and think you ‘re ready to put it to the table-make it happen.

Word Count

Around 500 and 1,000 words, Blog posts will find a balance between brief and comprehensive details. Screen captures, illustrations are also available for our users.

Phase of Submission

  • Content: Plan the material for our readers, which is original and detailed. Share helpful tips or information for writers. Using a special, captivating title.
  • Readability: Join a well-formatted post scannable. Readability: Include, if possible, headers, subheadings, bulleted points and tables.
  • Papers without error: Proofread the papers prior to submission.
  • Credits: At the end of the post add 2-line credit. It begins with your name and you may have a connection there.
  • Prepare the draft post first. Formatting: First, the HTML may be copied to an email and pasted or submitted as a.txt attachment.
  • No ties for membership

Please give us 2-3 working days to reverse when you send your article. We receive 100 things every day, which our technology providers analyze attentively. You can need a few changes in your papers if they still meet with the standards required by our expertise. 

Terms & conditions

You agree to an unremunerated contribution by posting your blog post. You also consent to not be considered for any insurance plans or services for workers. You can not stand or threaten to bind us to any liabilities as a representative. Once you supply us with the material we shall be entitled to republish and distribute it online and of course, through every means and manner of distribution, for advertising and sales purposes.