10 ways to handle negative customer reviews for your e-commerce business

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Customers are likely to go online to read reviews about your business before they purchase anything from your e-commerce store. And what happens when they find tons of negative reviews from past, unsatisfied customers? Boom, they quickly exit your website. This is why it’s important to know how to handle any negative review you may receive from angry customers.

1. Empathize and find a middle road

The things that most business lack is the sense of empathy. The customer service is not only efficient delivery of the product or service but also imparting information regarding the product and after sales relations. This makes the customer to reorder and it helps the brand to create a sense of trust in the minds of the customers Talk to him or her, it means a difference. This creates a difference. Many people wish to respond, but the essential element is to consider the issue thoroughly and look at it from the perspective of the consumer before answering. We are easy to really care about. And once you do care about them, solving their problem is much easier. Clients are people. Tell yourselves what in your case you really desire.. 

2. Be on the same team, Use their feedback and avoid disagreement at the start of the conversation

Teach your customer representatives to be on the same team as the customers at all times.   , A buyer needs, for instance, if a customer fails to return the product within return policy window, Instead of saying “Sorry, we cannot help you with this and read the policy again. Try “I feel that the product is out of the return policy window, but let me see what I can do for you.” Then the customer starts to believe that the representative is an ally not an enemy which helps in building trust. Moreover unhappy customers are goldmines for the business, they give you valuable feedbacks in terms of your product, service etc. 

3. Let them point you towards a solution, Listen to what they are saying

Once you know how to lure your customer into this part of the conversation you can make him give out the bar of expectation out of this call and work on it right away or give them a similar deal if the first case is not possible. This will make the customer trust you more and it will reduce you time to look out for a solution for the problem. This part always would prove helpful to you in identifying the problems you are unaware of already. It is one of the best kind’s of market feedback

4. Agree that they are right and apologize

Apologize for the situation they are in and if possible issue a refund, offer additional incentives for bringing this to our notice. Formulate a strategy for specific problem; however we need to personalize each call. If the customer service is efficient it will turn the customers into brand advocates organically while poor service does the opposite. Never tell them directly that they are wrong even if you know that, ignore this and make them believe what they believe. This makes the customers more receptive and flexible about the issue that is being solved for them

5. Aftermath of the Customer service calls and ask relevant questions

Sometimes it is possible that even though you opted for all the above technique but were unable to handle the customer’s need. This can be handled if we check up on how they are doing. Create surveys and ask the customers about the feedback of the service. If no solution is possible give them out the best possible solution at hand. It will differ from business to business depending upon the priority of the customers. 

6. Try to take the conversation offline

The communication offline should be used as soon as you can as a standard best practice for handling negative reviews. The goal is to make contact quick to switch offline without crossing boundaries. Seek not to touch you with the unfriendly client. Get your contact address, inquire for the right route, time and excuse the product or service for disgust.

7. Take a follow up with negative reviewers

Take note of bad feedback still. Be sure the problem(s) are fixed so so after the encounter they end up as a happier client. If they do, remind them to erase the bad comment if they haven’t. This does not happen everywhere, but a person will always take a negative turn when they have felt like they were handled equally and they never sought a reasonable remedy. That is not often going to happen.

8.  Monitor and remove fake or misleading comments

Not all comments are true. It’s the rivalry sometimes. It’s an ex-employee occasionally. Often only a prospective buyer has never been a real consumer so for whatever reason they want to take the goods on the name. Such forms of complaints contravene most service contracts and can be excluded from the proper control of the website as published.

9. Appreciate and be grateful for the feedback

Every feedback is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to criticize you, even when it is harsh, and you will appreciate your opportunity to do so. Negative ratings will (and should) be a good (and free) means of stopping clients away. That will never be done by some customers. It would be a worst-case situation once scorned and not engaged again. Just take what it means and increase the imperfections of the company to insure that this is reflected in your responses.

10. Take corrective measures and keep the customer in loop

Again, consumers deserve to be heard and to know that they have an effect on the company in question. Take all feedback positively and look for concrete opportunities to change their business when it comes to the bad one. Use what you receive from the comments and pass it back to staff who connect with and agree to concern consumers.

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Joy smith is a Business Manager at Magneto IT Solutions – a eCommerce development company in Bahrain offers quality b2b eCommerce solutions, Magento development,android app development, magento migration, mobile app development services. The company has experienced Laravel developers for hire at very affordable price. He is a firm believer in teamwork; for him, it is not just an idea, but also the team’s buy-in into the idea, that makes a campaign successful! He’s enthusiastic about all things marketing.


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