2020 PMP Certification requirements

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PMP is the short form or the initials of the three words Project Management Professional, which is actually one of the most popular certificates given by PMI, which can be expanded or widely recognized as the Project Management Institute. With having a PMP certification, which is, of course, of a limited validity period, you will be clearing many roadblocks quite easily. But to avail something, you need to give something in return which has become a human law now a day. Therefore a list has been made with several points that seek a certain category of applicants who need to match with the same traits. Every two to three years, PMP certification executives, as well as candidates, must earn at least some 55 to 60 PMP PDUs as well as start the PMP renewal process at all costs.

Most of the managers or future professionals look for the best possible way so as to prove their efforts as well as tackle all the upcoming challenges. Moreover, the demand for a proper environment and surrounding to build a project, including the blueprint of the same. However, the demand for the certification of PMP never gets old. The hiring staff takes a deep analytical look at the resume of the applied candidates so as to identify if he/she is the holder of the certification of the same. Basically, they can have thought of taking your traditional looking resume into consideration for the same. 

 Based on the outcome of a present calculated survey, PMP certified candidates command nearly around some 14% higher pay than their other counterparts or associated teammates.

Need for PMP or the requirements’ reason for the same 

You might wonder why there are worldwide demands as well as needs for PMP certification. There are basically two key reasons for this. The first vital reason is project management is one of the most prolific professions that need effective message transmission with several shareholders throughout the entire project. While the project is on the verge of completion, it is well-advised to wait for the proper conclusion before cutting the celebration cake. There needs to be a sense of proper transmission of messages well within the staff and all the associated members along with the touch of a gentle as well as an elegant speech by the senior directing officer to throw an air of enthusiasm.

The second main, as well as a vital option for getting the needs for PMP, is project management, always seeks for solid theoretical ideas as well as analysis on project management methods. These vital areas are mostly tested in five various project management method teams.

Before jumping into any conclusion so easily, it is necessary to bear in mind that to be a part of a company or an organization, and you need to prove your worth. Not every sector is politics, where you can use your ancestor’s name and get a reputed post. The PMP carries huge importance to a candidate’s personality as well as behavior. You cannot simply behave like a Robin Hood and get a respectable career; rather, you need to satisfy the below-mentioned points in order to show your talent in a wider sector.

First prerequisite

1) A minimum of 4 to 5 years of project management work experience in the same field

2) A minimum of around 7300 to 7500 hours in both heading as well as managing certain projects

3) Nearly 30 to 35 hours of project management course training with proper outcomes.

Second prerequisite

4500 hours of these 2 to 3 years, which sums up to be around two years, need to be utilized well on heading, controlling as well as managing projects. However, one should take this in the other way else. There is a great chance of messing up each and every beautiful thing that you might have accomplished. A heading poor management role can be that of a supervisor of a smaller team member or group member, team leader of the working group, helping or providing assistance to the project manager in most of the project management events, tasks as well as assignments.

The requirements might be enormous but, hard work always comes with a befitting reward. This hard work of collecting pre-requisites would earn you an eye of a diamond jeweler for Project management.  

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