2022 Hindu Baby Boy Names PDF: A to Z


Naming a baby is a beautiful and significant moment for parents as it sets the tone for the child’s identity. When it comes to Hindu baby boy names, the options are vast and rich in meaning, reflecting the diverse cultural and religious heritage of India. Whether you are looking for traditional names rooted in mythology and scriptures or modern and trendy options, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of 2022 Hindu baby boy names from A to Z.


  1. Aarav: Meaning peaceful or calm, Aarav is a popular modern name.
  2. Abhay: A name that means fearless or brave.
  3. Aditya: Referring to the sun god, Aditya signifies brightness and light.


  1. Balram: The brother of Lord Krishna, Balram symbolizes strength.
  2. Bhavesh: Meaning lord of the world, Bhavesh is a powerful name choice.
  3. Bhuvan: Representing the world or universe, Bhuvan is a majestic pick.


  1. Chetan: Referring to consciousness or life, Chetan is a name full of vitality.
  2. Chirag: Meaning lamp or light, Chirag signifies brightness and hope.
  3. Chaitanya: Signifying consciousness or intelligence, Chaitanya is a name that reflects wisdom.


  1. Dhruv: Denoting the pole star, Dhruv signifies constancy and faithfulness.
  2. Darshan: Meaning vision or sight, Darshan is a spiritual name choice.
  3. Devarsh: A combination of deva (deity) and rishi (sage), Devarsh signifies divine sage.


  1. Ekansh: Representing whole or complete, Ekansh signifies unity.
  2. Eshan: Referring to Lord Shiva, Eshan is a powerful and divine name choice.
  3. Enit: Denoting a peak or pinnacle, Enit signifies excellence.


  1. Fanish: Meaning shining, Fanish signifies brightness and radiance.
  2. Faizan: Representing grace or favor, Faizan is a name full of blessings.
  3. Farhan: Denoting happiness or joy, Farhan is a name that brings delight.


  1. Gautam: Referring to Lord Buddha, Gautam signifies enlightenment and wisdom.
  2. Girish: Meaning lord of the mountains, Girish is a strong and majestic name choice.
  3. Gopal: Another name for Lord Krishna, Gopal represents protection and care.


  1. Harsh: Denoting happiness or joy, Harsh is a name full of positivity.
  2. Hridaan: Meaning gift of the heart, Hridaan is a loving and heartfelt name choice.
  3. Hemant: Representing winter, Hemant is a name associated with coolness and calm.


  1. Ishaan: Referring to Lord Shiva or the sun, Ishaan is a powerful and divine name choice.
  2. Indra: The king of gods in Hindu mythology, Indra signifies strength and leadership.
  3. Ishan: Denoting Lord Vishnu or ruler, Ishan is a name full of authority.


  1. Jatin: Meaning noble and ethical, Jatin signifies righteousness.
  2. Jai: Referring to victory or success, Jai is a name full of positivity.
  3. Jivin: Denoting life or living, Jivin is a name that embodies vitality.


  1. Kabir: A famous mystic poet, Kabir signifies greatness and wisdom.
  2. Karan: Referring to purity and virtue, Karan is a name full of goodness.
  3. Kartik: Representing the month of October-November, Kartik is associated with festivities.


  1. Lakshya: Meaning aim or target, Lakshya signifies focus and determination.
  2. Lokesh: Referring to lord of the world, Lokesh is a powerful and influential name choice.
  3. Lakshman: The brother of Lord Rama, Lakshman symbolizes loyalty and courage.


  1. Mayank: Denoting the moon, Mayank signifies coolness and beauty.
  2. Manan: Meaning contemplation or reflection, Manan is a name full of introspection.
  3. Mahesh: Referring to Lord Shiva, Mahesh is a powerful and divine name choice.


  1. Nakul: One of the Pandava brothers, Nakul signifies intelligence and charm.
  2. Neel: Denoting the color blue, Neel is a name full of calmness and serenity.
  3. Nishant: Meaning dawn or end of night, Nishant signifies new beginnings.


  1. Ojas: Referring to strength or vigor, Ojas is a powerful and energetic name choice.
  2. Omkar: Comprising the sounds of ‘Om’, Omkar signifies divinity and cosmic energy.
  3. Omkar: Another form of Om, Omkar symbolizes the essence of the universe.


  1. Parth: Referring to Arjun from the Mahabharata, Parth signifies strength and valor.
  2. Pranav: Denoting the sacred syllable ‘Om’, Pranav signifies divine energy.
  3. Parthiv: Meaning earthly or belonging to earth, Parthiv is a name full of grounding.


  1. Qabil: Denoting capable or competent, Qabil is a name full of potential.
  2. Qusay: Meaning distant or far, Qusay signifies exploration and discovery.
  3. Qaim: Referring to standing or steadfast, Qaim is a name full of determination.


  1. Raghav: Referring to Lord Rama, Raghav signifies righteousness and virtue.
  2. Rudra: Another name for Lord Shiva, Rudra symbolizes power and destruction.
  3. Ravi: Denoting the sun, Ravi signifies radiance and energy.


  1. Samarth: Denoting capability or strength, Samarth is a powerful and confident name choice.
  2. Shivansh: Referring to a part of Lord Shiva, Shivansh signifies divinity.
  3. Surya: Meaning sun, Surya is a name full of brightness and energy.


  1. Tanish: Denoting ambition or desire, Tanish is a name full of passion.
  2. Tejas: Referring to brightness or light, Tejas signifies radiance and intelligence.
  3. Tanay: Meaning son, Tanay is a loving and endearing name choice.


  1. Utkarsh: Denoting prosperity or growth, Utkarsh is a name full of success.
  2. Uddhav: Referring to a friend of Lord Krishna, Uddhav signifies companionship.
  3. Ujjwal: Meaning bright or radiant, Ujjwal is a name full of positivity.


  1. Vivaan: Denoting full of life or energy, Vivaan is a vibrant and dynamic name choice.
  2. Vihaan: Referring to dawn or morning, Vihaan signifies new beginnings.
  3. Vedant: Meaning knowledge or wisdom, Vedant is a name full of enlightenment.


  1. Waman: Denoting Lord Vishnu, Waman signifies divine presence.
  2. Waqar: Referring to dignity or respect, Waqar is a name full of honor.
  3. Wahid: Meaning unique or singular, Wahid is a distinct and special name choice.


  1. Xavya: Denoting new beginnings or renewal, Xavya is a name full of freshness.
  2. Xitij: Referring to the horizon or edge, Xitij signifies exploration and adventure.
  3. Xylo: Meaning wood or forest, Xylo is a unique and nature-inspired name choice.


  1. Yash: Denoting success or fame, Yash is a name full of achievements.
  2. Yuvan: Referring to youthful or young, Yuvan signifies freshness and vigor.
  3. Yug: Meaning era or age, Yug is a name that signifies eternity and timelessness.


  1. Zaheer: Denoting shining or luminous, Zaheer is a name full of brightness.
  2. Zain: Meaning beauty or grace, Zain is a name full of charm.
  3. Zorawar: Referring to powerful and strong, Zorawar is a name full of vigor and might.

When choosing a name for your baby boy, consider the meanings, cultural significance, and the sound of the name. Each name carries its own unique energy and essence, so take your time to find the one that resonates with you and your family. From traditional and mythological names to modern and trendy options, the world of Hindu baby boy names offers a treasure trove of choices that celebrate heritage, values, and aspirations. Best wishes on this special journey of naming your little one!


  1. How do I choose a meaningful and auspicious Hindu baby boy name?
  2. Consider names with positive meanings and significance in Hindu mythology or scriptures.
  3. Consult with family elders or a priest for guidance on auspicious names.
  4. Look for names that resonate with your cultural and religious beliefs.

  5. Are there specific naming ceremonies in Hindu culture for baby boys?

  6. Yes, Hindu families often conduct naming ceremonies known as ‘Namkaran’ to formally name the baby boy and seek blessings from deities.
  7. Different regions in India may have variations in the rituals and customs followed during the naming ceremony.

  8. Can I choose a modern or trendy name for my Hindu baby boy?

  9. Absolutely! Modern and trendy names are becoming increasingly popular among parents looking for unique options.
  10. Ensure that the name’s meaning and pronunciation align with your preferences and family traditions.

  11. Are there any names to avoid while naming a Hindu baby boy?

  12. It is advisable to avoid names with negative connotations, associations with past negative events, or names that may be culturally insensitive.
  13. Consulting with elders or religious figures can help in ensuring the chosen name is appropriate and auspicious.

  14. I want a name that reflects values like strength and wisdom. Any suggestions?

  15. Names like Viraj (strength), Medhansh (intelligent), or Teerth (sacred place) are examples of names that embody virtues like strength and wisdom.
  16. Exploring names rooted in Hindu epics or scriptures can also offer a rich source of names symbolizing virtues.

  17. Can I combine names or create a new name for my baby boy?

  18. Combining elements from different names or creating a new name is a creative way to personalize your baby boy’s name.
  19. Ensure that the combined name has a harmonious sound and a meaningful significance that resonates with you.

  20. Are there resources available to help me with choosing a Hindu baby boy name?

  21. Online baby name databases, books on Hindu mythology and culture, and consulting with religious scholars can provide valuable insights and options for choosing a name.
  22. Websites specializing in Hindu names often provide meanings, origins, and variations of names to assist in the decision-making process.

  23. What are some popular themes or categories for Hindu baby boy names?

  24. Nature-inspired names like Arnav (ocean) or Vayu (wind).
  25. Names derived from deities like Aadi (first), Shivaansh (part of Shiva).
  26. Virtue-based names like Dheer (courageous) or Samar (battle).

  27. Is it necessary to match the baby boy’s name with his birth star or zodiac sign?

  28. While some families may choose to match the name with the birth star or zodiac sign for astrological reasons, it is not a strict requirement.
  29. The primary focus should be on selecting a name that resonates with you, your family, and the values you wish to instill in your child.

  30. Can I change my baby boy’s name after the naming ceremony if I change my mind?

  31. In Hindu tradition, the naming ceremony holds significance, but if there are valid reasons for changing the name, it can be done with proper rituals and prayers.
  32. Consult with a priest or religious authority to understand the process and implications of changing a baby’s name post the initial ceremony.

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a deeply personal and cherished experience. Whether you opt for a traditional, mythological name or a modern, innovative choice, the first gift you give your child is their name—an identity that will resonate with them throughout their life’s journey. Embrace this process with love, thoughtfulness, and a sense of joy as you explore the world of Hindu baby boy names and celebrate the arrival of your little one.


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