5 Ways to Improve Air Quality of Your Home

Air Quality

Your home is your sanctuary – a place you can exist freely, wholly and healthily. One part of that healthy existence includes breathing safe and clean air. 

Most people may not believe in the adversity of air pollution within the four walls of their homes. But it does exist! 

You can use preventative methods and equipment to keep air pollutants at bay, like employing a portable air purifier, improving ventilation, cleaning vents, etc. If not, this may cost heavily on the Australian economy!

Poor indoor air quality can set back the economy by over $12 billion every year! Gas cookers and non-flued gas heaters are those sources that can often contribute a large percentage of the pollutants found in domestic dwellings.

Here are the top 5 ways to refine indoor air quality:

Buy House Plants

Nothing can beat nature’s natural air filter like some cute, eye-pleasing house plants. Getting indoor plants will significantly upgrade the air quality of your home since they quickly minimise the contaminants from the air. But more so, it will add to the beauty and décor of the house. 

Get tiny plants like lilies and ferns, which bloom inside the house efficiently. If you are a fan of bigger plants, a palm tree is your best option. 

Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts maintain your home’s temperature and evenly distribute the cold and hot air in every room. If these air ducts are not effectively installed and periodically maintained, they can spread contaminants across the house. 

Over a decent period, these ducts can be filled with dust dander that may degrade air quality. Best to hire a professional who can recurrently check the vents to ensure that safe, clean air is circulated.

Check AC Filter and Other Air Filters

Air conditioners are the champions that take care of the perfect temperature throughout your house. Besides exuding cool air for your comfort, AC filters also filter air pollutants out of your home. 

Over time, these air filters stuff up, and their efficiency reduces, so you must make sure to change the AC filters on time.

Besides the AC filter, be sure to inspect other air filters like a vacuum cleaner, kitchen vents or a clothes dryer. Cleaning or replacing them every few months is recommended. 

Get Humidifiers

When the heat strikes and humidity increases, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. It can deteriorate your health and cause damage to your respiratory system. Place dehumidifiers around your house to oversee the humidity quotient and create a cozy environment to avoid this situation.

Install Portable Air Purifiers

Buy a portable air purifier to fight against poor air quality. It enhances productivity, minimises air-borne illnesses, and improves overall life quality. Some of the benefits of air purifiers include:

  • Extinguishing allergy symptoms and removing pollutants that impact chronic conditions like Asthma
  • Killing any harmful chemicals, toxic gases and unpleasant odour from the air
  • Mitigating any chance of flu and virus outbreaks

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial to create a safe environment to survive and grow. A part of this includes ensuring clean and safe air. Indoor air quality is as vital as the air you breathe outside.

Eliminate all harmful pollutants and contaminants from the air by setting up house plants, clearing air filters and ducts, and installing humidifiers and portable air cleaners.

When you breathe better, you thrive better!


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