5 Ways to Protect Your Furniture From Environmental Elements


People love outdoor furniture as it’s durable and an excellent way to revitalise the outdoors. However, you should always remember that just because a piece of furniture is developed for outdoor use doesn’t mean that it’s everlasting. Environmental factors like ultraviolet rays, rain, and wind increase their wear and tear and decrease their lifespan. Even the most high-quality furniture is not indestructible, and in such a scenario, it makes much sense to safeguard these items to increase their longevity. Fortunately, there are many options for you to do so. For example, you can install shade sails made of durable fabrics and available in a range of colours and sizes. 

Given below are effective ways to protect your valuable pieces of furniture outdoors.

1. Use Patio Umbrellas

If the thought of storing your patio furniture indoors doesn’t sound good, you can safeguard them by installing patio umbrellas. They keep the sun away from you and your visitors and shield your furniture in the process. It is an appropriate option for people with a handful of furniture pieces they want to protect—for example, a table with two to three chairs. But, if you have more furniture items, you will need to install more umbrellas. 

2. Use a Shade Sail

As mentioned before, if you have more than a few pieces of furniture, then you need more than one patio umbrella. But not everyone desires to install several of them. So, if you have a big patio, you can consider using shade sails. They can cover anything from the sun and can last easily for up to two years. Besides, a high-quality shade sail, when installed, can provide you with peace of mind about your outdoor equipment being well-protected from ultraviolet radiation. The waterproof fabric of the shades also ensures that rain doesn’t damage your furniture.

3. Get a Patio Cover

Sometimes, purchasing a patio cover can also be a solution to your problem. A patio cover is a semi-permanent awning that you place on your patio. And, in order to prevent sun damage, you can use an opaque patio cover. On the other hand, although those made from glass do not impart complete protection from the UV rays, they do safeguard the furniture items from getting damaged by water.

4. Opt for a Pergola

If you want a more attractive cover for your patio, you can look into pergolas. They can either extend from your home’s exterior walls, supported with posts or be free-standing structures. A traditional pergola features cross beams or trellises. And today, you can see them in plenty of styles, crafted from diverse materials. A pergola can be covered with a canopy or fibreglass to impart protection, and through them, woody vines can trail and provide a genuinely rustic ambience to your patio. 

5. Employ a Canvas Shade

It is pretty similar to a shade sail, but the only difference is that you can attach it using hooks. Canvas shade utilises wires that you can retract on a pulley when you need it to protect your outdoor furniture. You can also take it off and fold it away when you don’t need to use it. Besides, material choices for canvas shades also include bamboo. 

Patio furniture can undergo serious sun damage. Thus, keeping it away from direct sun rays is of utmost importance if you want to preserve them for a long time. So, employ any one of the solutions mentioned above according to your needs to maintain your outdoor items in optimal shape.


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