7 Apps I’d like in Google Glass


Google Glass can be referred to as a very innovative gadget in this. It can also be called the offspring of a smartphone and a Bluetooth device. One of the reasons why Google developed this Gadget was to create an ease in living. And for that Google provides very useful Apps along with the device. However I would want something more than just those features. I would love to see something which can take the gadget to the next level. Here is the list which I would cherish to have in the Google Glass Apps.

Advanced Video Player

I know that Google Glasses will have an in-built video player. But something is making me that it won’t be enough. It will lack some features which will suit the glass. A video player with many advance features should come out having almost each and every option a video player should have. Like multiple subtitles, sound equaliser, network streaming, brightness control, etc. I am sure that a video player like that would make me watch movies on the glass.

Auto Bar Code and QR Code scanner

We have the Application of scanning Bar and QR code on our smartphones. But taking out the phone, scanning the code and fetching results take a considerable amount of time. But in the glass, a program can be added on the background which can automatically read bar codes and display the result when asked. This would be better than using the ones in our smartphones. 

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Product Review

 If in case I go for shopping, I would love to buy the product which is better than others. I want an App to identify the product and tell me if it’s worth the money or simply suggest me another one which is better than it. Or if I am in a bookstore, I would love to see if there is any online market providing me the same thing for lesser price. Moreover I would also like to read reviews of the people who have read the book.

glass impressions
glass impressions

 Onscreen translator

Imagine you are in a foreign country and come across a board or a hoarding which is in a language you don’t understand. An app which translates that to me back in English or my mother tongue would just please me. It would help us not get scammed by anyone. Moreover it would be good to have that while learning a new language. It wold fit just right in this technology – savvy world

A Photo Diary

I want an App which would capture a photo every 15 – 20 minutes. That way whatever happened in the entire day can be summarised and be kept as a diary or a memory book.

  360 Degree Panorama

 A 360 Degree Panorama looks very beautiful. Not only does it capture the moment but also gives a clear view of the place making it rather appealing. 360 Degree Panorama in Glass will be quite easy and simple. We would just have to tilt our head or simply move in a circle with our eyes stable at one point.

An Antivirus

 This is probably the most needed App for Glass. Let me explain you why. Imagine you are going inside a restroom, bathroom or a toilet. Now if in case someone develops a virus that automatically captures and sends images from the camera to the culprit. Wouldn’t that be a very big privacy threat? An antivirus would be great to avoid happening of such things.


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