Crypto Link building : Hacks


Building links is not a new concept in the internet marketing world. What is new, however, is the way that many people are now jumping on board. Crypto link building has emerged as a lucrative and growing industry for website owners who have the ability to convince other websites to exchange links with them.

So what exactly is crypto link building? And how can you do it too? Read on to find out more…

1. What is Crypto link building?

Crypto link building has been defined as being the process of developing links to your website using cryptocurrency to form a relationship with other site owners. Unlike traditional forms of link building which used money or other materials that were traded for, crypto link building uses digital currency such as Bitcoin.

Crypto sites are websites that are specifically built to offer visitors cryptocurrency in exchange for several different types of action on their part. These actions include things like watching a video, completing surveys and other actions that you might be required to take in order to start earning cryptocurrency.

2. A Brief History of Crypto

Crypto first began being popular about five years ago. It was initially used for online gaming and gambling, but in recent years it has evolved into a number of very popular websites that are related to cryptocurrencies.

Among the most popular crypto sites on the internet are:

Blockchain GameCredits – Blockchain is a type of technology that allows for forms of currency to be stored in different places globally and shared among all users. GameCredits is a project that uses blockchain technology in order to create a variety of mobile games.

Bitcoin Exchanges – Bitcoin exchanges are websites that allow people to buy or sell Bitcoins using various currencies like USD or Euro etc… This can be done either online or through an offline exchange.

Coinbase – Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It allows users to buy or sell Bitcoins online or through a mobile app.

Coinmama – Coinmama is another popular Bitcoin exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currency using bank transfers and credit cards.

Mining – In order to make use of cryptocurrency, a user must have some form of computer hardware that can be used to mine new coins.

Videos – A number of sites offer cryptocurrency in exchange for watching certain videos on your desktop or on your mobile device. These sites include things like porn sites, movie channels and other mainstream video providers that allow you to earn crypto in exchange for watching videos on their websites.

3. What Can You Do with Crypto?

Crypto is not a type of currency that you can use to buy everyday items. Rather, it is sometimes referred to as a form of digital cash. The reason for this is because crypto works in a similar way to physical cash, but it also has many other uses beyond buying stuff in the real world. Find our site list here.

For instance, some of the most popular things that you can do with crypto include:

Lending – If you have enough cryptocurrency, then it will be possible for you to lend it out at a higher interest rate than what you would receive by loaning out cash in your local bank branch.

Trading – You can trade your crypto for other online goods and services or anything that you might have in your digital marketplace.

Buying goods in your store – If you have been trading on one of the above mentioned sites, then it will be possible for you to make use of some of the goods that are being offered by other people in exchange for your cryptocurrency.

4. How to Start Crypto Link Building?

In order to get started in crypto link building, you will need a number of different things:

First off, you would need Bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency wallet. A wallet is basically a place where all your different cryptocurrencies are kept and stored online, which allows them to be used whenever they are required.

Second, you will need to join several different types of crypto sites that offer different opportunities.

Third, you will need to learn how to evaluate which opportunities on these sites offer the best profits and which ones to stay away from because they are not worth your time and energy.

5. What are the Different Types of Crypto Opportunities?

There are several different types of cryptocurrency opportunities that you can start working with in your link building efforts:

1. Paid videos – These are videos that you can earn crypto by watching on your computer or mobile device. 

2. Paid to read emails – You can also make money by reading emails on your computer or mobile device. 

3. Paid Tasks – There are also other sites that will allow you to make money by completing different tasks like responding to surveys, watching videos and even playing games. 

4. Paid Posts – You can also make money by writing new posts on your own website or blog. Some of these sites will pay you anywhere between $5-$20 per post depending on how good the post is that you have written. 

5. Paid Coaching – There are numerous websites that allow for you to make money by performing “coaching” for other people online. 

6. Paid Submissions – Some of these sites offer the opportunity for you to make money by submitting your own blog posts or ebooks to different online resources so that they can be distributed to their customers.

Although it’s mostly a good idea to get started by getting access to some free bonuses on these types of sites, you can also make money using our own cryptocurrency or ICO arbitrage system as we are going to show you how this is possible in this article.


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