Cycling Clothing- Find out what to wear when going for a ride

Cycling Clothing

Australia is a diverse nation that has myriad opportunities for riders of all types. Australia has it all from challenging alpine road rides, epic multi-day tours, laid-back beachside trundles, muddy mountains, and everything in between. But before you get yourself on the streets, make sure you have the right cycling clothes and accessories. 

Sitting on a narrow seat and pedalling continuously for hours causes discomfort, especially when the ride is in the wrong clothes. Have you ever seen any professional cyclist wearing jeans, sweatshirts or baggy sweatpants? Of course not! There’s a reason behind that. Cycling clothing helps you go faster by ensuring you don’t waste energy as you ride. Plus, these types of clothing are more aerodynamic than regular clothes. They fit closely with the skin providing no extra fabric flapping in the breeze. 

There are a large number of online as well as offline stores where you can buy cycling clothing in Australia. But before you splurge on getting your cycling gear, do read on to find out the must-have cycling clothing and accessories from head to toe.

Cycling Jersey

Do you think a simple cotton t-shirt will be able to soak the moisture from your skin and make you feel dry while you ride? Obviously not! Professional cyclists always prefer wearing a cycling jersey because it is made of moisture-wicking technical fabric with fibres designed to pull moisture from the skin. 

Cyclists prefer it also because it has:

  • Rear pockets for your valuable possessions like phone, etc.
  • High neckline to protect your skin from the sun and heat.
  • Front zippers allow you to close or open the jersey as far as required. 

Cycling shorts

This is another essential item in cycling clothing. Cycling shorts are designed to offer an added stretch for more effortless movement and also comes with padding (also known as chamois) for the crotch area to reduce friction and wick away moisture. 

Commonly they are available in two types:

  • Waist shorts which are held up by an elastic waistband
  • Bib shorts which are held up by a bib

Considering the cyclists’ choice, bib shorts are more comfortable than the former as they don’t make you feel pressure in your waist area as the elastic band does not dig into the skin.

Cycling tights

Cycling tights come in a variety of designs. For cold weather, you can get tights that cover your entire leg, and when the weather is warm, you can go for three-quarter leggings. When buying cycling clothing in Australia, you may find out that tights also come with ankle zippers. No doubt, these are good picks for layering and also make removing the tights over shoes easier. In addition to this, many tights also come with chamois, just like cycling shorts.

Cycling shoes

If you are an occasional cyclist or riding a cycle for just a few kilometres, any type of shoe will work for you. However, if you need to ride for longer distances and more frequently, it’s better to get cycling shoes specifically designed to make your cycling experience comfortable and convenient. But don’t forget to wear your cycling socks along with them, because they will ensure you don’t swim in sweat while you are on your bike. 

And now you have it- a list of cycling clothing items that you must have before getting onto the streets. However, the list does not end here. There are more clothing and accessories like base layer, cycling jacket, cycling socks, gloves, helmet, cycling glasses, cap/ headbands, bike cover, cycling warmers and so forth. Hence, depending on your need and what clothing can do for you, you can make your selection and enhance your cycling experience. 


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