Demand For Online Tutoring Reaches its Peak during this Coronavirus Outbreak

tutor on demand app
tutor on demand app

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that the corona virus pandemic has brought life as we know it to a complete standstill. With more and more people becoming housebound to stay clear of this deadly disease, one industry that has morphed the most is the education industry. 

Children are a life force that we cherish. Every country treasures their youth knowing that they hold the future of their nation in their timid hands. This is probably why; the education industry has seen innovation above and beyond any other. With people being forced indoors, and children being unable to find their way to their temples of knowledge, online tutoring is gaining a lot of traction. 

The interesting thing though is that this momentum that has built up in this rime is not something that people will get past. Things are beginning to resume the state of normalcy and yet, parents haven’t become quite comfortable in resuming the conventional school going activities just yet. To this effect, more and more online tutoring apps and app based educational mediums are coming to the fore. 

How does online tutoring work?

Typically, this depends on the tutors or the schools. For the most part, schools have started using conventional video calling and video conferencing apps to impart education to their students. Teachers have resorted to preparing lessons and then delivering these lessons over video conferencing to their students. 

However, this is just what has started during this situation. Even before people were locked down, so to speak, more and more tutoring apps had weaseled their way into the homes of students. Parents prefer this for it for their children because:

  1. It is cheaper as compared to conventional coaching and tuition classes
  2. Doesn’t involve any traveling which saves time
  3. Kids are always safe and secure in a familiar surrounding
  4. Children don’t have to succumb to peer pressures and take on bad habits

However, apart from giving out video lessons another type of online on demand tutoring is gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. The biggest drawback of the conventional type of online tutoring is that it is hard to measure the pupil’s growth. An individual student may or may not be able to learn properly when taught remotely or in a group. If so, there can’t be any proper metric to gauge the extent of knowledge that a pupil has been able to take in. 

This is where personal online tutoring comes into picture. With the help of modern on demand tutor apps, people can call a teacher home to teach their kids and pay individual attention. For example, a student needs tutoring in math. The parents can download the on demand tutor app and log in to it. They can then find a list of all tutors with expertise in teaching math in the specific grade or level that their kids need education for. Then they will be able to schedule a time for the class. The prices of each tutor will be available for you to see before hand. Then the chosen tutor comes to the home of the parents (as mentioned in the app) as the designated hour.

The tutor comes to the home of the student, teaches his lessons for the selected duration and leaves. The payment for the same is made entirely online (parents may even pay on arrival) to prevent any kind of hassle.

Why use this kind of an app?

Such apps are becoming more and more popular every day. As many entrepreneurs have come to understand the popularity of these apps, they have begun investing in it. There is nothing that can replace personal tutoring regardless of how technologically advanced the medium is. This is why the tutor on demand app is becoming so popular. 

The beauty of this app is that one doesn’t need any technical knowledge to operate it. Existing tutors can purchase this app and start offering their services to their market almost instantly. What’s more, they can also enlist other tutors on their app to help them out. The best part it, regardless of which tutor is hired by the customers, the app owner always gets a commission for making the service available.

Where to get this app?

It is absolutely easy! If you are keen on starting your own on demand tutoring app based business, all you need to do is look for the right white label on demand mobile app development company that has built such an app. The next step is to try out the demo of the app and take a deep look at all the features that they offer. Then once you purchase the app, it can go live for business in just 4 to 5 business days.

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