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The advancements in technologies have affected the business world in various ways, from communications and online trading to advertising and marketing and everything in between. In this new era, multimedia, web social media, and internet interactions are in, and newspapers and TV ads are not in vogue. There is a great demand and response to corporate custom sales videos. Today, businesses cannot make much profit with traditional marketing and business operations. 

With no exception, all businesses are embracing this newest marketing strategy in an attempt to dominate the marketplace. Corporate video production is an effective way of showcasing your products and services to potential customers. It is also an excellent tool for upgrading your organization, views, goals, and achievements to the targeted audience. A corporate video is a video clip intended to advertise a company and showcase its services, integrity, and production assurance. These customised videos are created for a specific purpose, including showcasing their products or services, brand promotion, instructional videos, information videos, etc. 

If you are also considering creating a custom video for your business,getting yourself acquainted with the different corporate videos you can make is crucial. So to help you with that, here are five popular types of corporate videos businesses are already using to boost their sales. Read on!

Brand video

Brand videos are the ones that sit on your homepage or About us page. Its primary purpose is to encapsulate your brand in one short clip. You can use it to tell your brand story, what you stand for, highlight your business’s value, or describe what you do and how you are different from others. Remember, this video should communicate who you are to your audience, and they should consider your business.

Promotional video

A promotional video is specifically designed to showcase products or services. These can be used over multiple advertising mediums such as television broadcasting or online and engage a large group audience. One of its primary purposes is to enhance brand recognition and brand familiarity so that your prospective customers do not mistakenly choose your competitors instead of you. It is no doubt a great idea to create consumer awareness.

Product demonstration videos

Product demonstration videos focus on the features and benefits of a particular product or service. Businesses create these videos to clearly explain to their customers how their product works, its purpose, and how it can solve their problems. Since videos are more effective in engaging customers and generating leads, most businesses- small, medium, and large- use product videos to distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

Social responsibility videos

Most businesses are also creating social responsibility videos to demonstrate what their business is doing to help and give back to the community. In these videos, you can feature any foundations or charities you are part of or what you are doing to take care of your community or employees. This is considered an exciting aspect for many customers, plus it communicates your business’s vision and mission. 

Testimonial videos

This is another trendy marketing strategy businesses utilise these days. There is no better way to publicise your products or services than to feature someone who has already used it. Corporate testimonial videos are not intended to provide you with a product review; they reveal that your product or service has solved a customer’s problem. Additionally,  custom sales videos highlight your business and your products and services effectively and positively.

All these videos can be posted on your official website, shared on social media, used for television advertisements or other digital media. If you want to make any corporate video for your business, don’t forget to contact a professional corporate video production company.


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