Features of Groundsmaster® 4500 9ft (2.7m) Cutting Wid

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A golf course mower always gets the top spot on the turf equipment checklist. Toro, John Deere and other leading brands provide you with different options. In this article, you will learn about The Groundsmaster® 4500-D. If it is one of the options suitable for your requirements, choose this model for its quality of cut and other amazing features. It is a high performance, easy to maintain turf equipment

It offers 109” width of cut. The free-floating Contour™ Plus Decks deliver a picture perfect cut, provide dramatic striping and eliminate scalping. It has a SmartCool™ system that keeps the machine moving. This system reverses the cooling fan before it gets too hot. Its cutting blades get the maximum power. It is a powerful product and offers refined results.    

Groundsmaster® 4500-D Features 

4-Wheel Drive

Both The Groundsmaster® 4700-D and 4500-D come with a parallel hydraulic traction system. With this system, you get full-time, bi-directional 4-wheel drive. A parallel hydraulic flow between the rear and front wheels provides you with 4-wheel drive assistance when the machine turns. This makes it easy to trim around objects on hills and wet terrain. 

Contour™ Plus Cutting Decks

The mower provides you with quality of cut with The Contour™ Plus cutting technology. It keeps the grass standing tall using Air inlet pockets. This, as a result, provides you with the best possible cut. It evenly disperses clippings using a modified rear discharge opening. You also get an optional high height of cut blade and an optional mulching kit. 

Attractive Striping 

You get an attractive striping effect when you mow. This greatly enhances the turf’s finished look.

Durable Design 

You get a rugged drivetrain, frame and components for long life and durability. It has heavy-duty welded frames and decks. 


This provides you with the productivity you need. It can mow up to 4.3 hectares in 1 hour. 

Easy Service 

You can quickly raise or remove decks. You don’t need any tool to pull off enclosures. 

Smart Power Traction 

You don’t have to be experienced to achieve a consistent cut on any type of surface. It automatically adjusts ground speed according to the conditions. This helps in maintaining an optimum blade speed. 

Operator Comfort 

The operator area is designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. You get amenities including: 

  • Portable radio holder   
  • Deluxe seat
  • Storage box
  • 12-volt outlet
  • Multi-size beverage holder
  • A large operator platform
  • Additional storage area for items like trash bucket and water cooler


This feature provides you with instant notification and maintenance reminders. It keeps you informed of potential problems. The InfoCenter provides you with operating information. You can monitor the machine’s internal health. Whether you are at the shop or in the field, you can easily identify the cause of the problem. InfoCenter sends both audio and visual notifications about potential problems. You can also set a maximum mowing speed.


EngineYanmar®, 55 hp (41.1 kw), turbo diesel, 4-cylinder 
Mowing Speed0 – 12.9 kph (0 – 8 mph)
Fuel Capacity83 L (22 gal) diesel fuel
WeightApprox. 2,039 kg (4,495 lbs.)
Cutting Width2.7 m (9 ft)
Transport Speed0 – 20.9 kph (0 – 13 mph)

If your budget does not allow you to buy a new one, you can find used turf machinery for sale.  


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