Fine jewellery for everyday wear: Dos and don’ts


Fine jewellery, made by artistically crafting together precious metals and gems, never fails to make women swoon. Since these pieces are expensive, their brilliant hues are almost always hidden in the locker for wearing them on special occasions. 

But do you have a locker overflowing with fine jewellery and you don’t know what to make of it or where to start?

Have you ever thought of wearing your jewellery daily? While the thought itself of adorning yourself with all that shine and sparkle may make you feel overwhelmed with all the stares that you may get, trust us, this can be done, and tastefully at that. 

We have put together a list of dos and don’ts to let your heavy pieces complement your schedule, style, and wardrobe. With these handy tips, you don’t have to worry about getting untoward attention or your personality getting overshadowed with all the glitter. 

  • Avoid hoarding: First things first, never buy expensive jewellery on impulse or something that you feel looks good on an influencer. Find gold jewellery products that are unique and will make you stand out. We are talking diamond cluster earrings, cocktail rings, diamond bracelets and the likes.
  • Simplify: Whenever we think of fine jewellery the first thing that comes to our minds is ‘bigger the better’. We have all seen and owned humongous-sized pieces in striking colours. While these are perfect for special occasions, your everyday jewellery should be simpler. The basic principles to go by are lightness and wearability. For example, pearls and diamond stud earrings go with almost every dress, are lightweight, and perfect for day wear.
  • Don’t pile up: Daytime jewellery wear calls for subtlety. Avoid outdoing one piece with another. If you wear several accessories in a day such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, ensure that they should go with each other. Here’s a styling tip, pair up daily wear earrings in gold with rings or bangles in complementing metals such as white or rose gold. Another great tip is to let one piece of jewellery be the focal point and let all the other play around it.
  • Match it to your dress: Matching the right jewellery and clothes can make you look super stunning. If you frequently wear sarees in sober monotones, pair them with pearl or light gold jewellery. If your wardrobe consists mainly of western formals, combine them with a sleek diamond bracelet or stacked rings in gold. If you love to wear evening dresses, match them with bold earrings to bring immediate attention to your face.
  • Be mindful: At the end of the day, fine jewellery is just that- exorbitantly priced that often needs quite a bit of investment. While there are all the reasons for wearing it on an everyday basis, it’s best left out in some situations to avoid losing them. These include doing your market rounds and working out.

 Pairing up your fine jewellery with your dresses should be fun and not something that’s dictated by trends or rules. Your style is all about you and how you decide to present yourself to others. So, just follow your mind and up that glam quotient with your finest bling!


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