How to Be a Successful Roofing Contractor

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The rate of business failure in the construction sector is truly alarming. One in five fledgling contractors ceases to trade within a year. Within five; almost half.

Over two-thirds will fold within a decade. Even those who do manage to maintain their businesses beyond this point are often forced to operate at an unsustainable loss.

As a roofing contractor, you will be aware of the industry’s volatile nature- and fierce competition for clients. So how will you succeed where so many others fail?

It’s time to climb the ladder, hit the nail on the head, and stay on top of the game. Read on for our advice on how to be a successful roofing contractor.

Confidence and Competence

Your client should feel that they have hired the best roofing company for the job – and that company should be yours! Be confident and approachable with your clients.

During surveys, be ready to answer any questions your potential customer may have with clear expertise.

A true tradesman knows his craft. The ability to suggest fluent, confident, and practical solutions will give you a winning edge against other prospective competitors.

Once the contract is secured, keep your client informed at each stage of the job. This will lead to lucrative ongoing maintenance contracts.

Diversify Your Business

The roofing business is diverse and multi-faceted.

From composite shingle pitched-roofs to rolled tar roofing, each client will have different needs. Be on hand to accommodate them.

As a residential roofing contractor, network with suppliers and sub-contractors to create a strong team. This will make you capable of providing a range of roofing services on demand.

In many cases, the customer will want to consult with you and figure out which system is right for their project. By diversifying your supply chain and workforce, you are able to offer a solution to almost any client’s needs.

Advertising and Marketing

Whether you are a small business owner or a large-scale commercial roofing contractor, getting your name out there is key.

It can be hard to know where to start with your advertising campaign. There is a range of roofing marketing ideas to consider as you hunt to secure new clients.

For some audiences; traditional, in-print advertisements can be effective. People without access to high-speed internet, and those living in rural areas, may simply look up ‘roofing company’ in the local classifieds.

However, as we move further into the digital age, it is undeniable that the majority of people will seek out a roofing contractor online. For most, a Google search will be the first port of call. From there, very few will scroll past the first few results.

Ranking high on a search engine is hugely beneficial to client acquisition. This article explains more about gaining a top-rank result.

Being a Successful Roofing Contractor 

Running a successful contracting company is not without its challenges – but follow the tips outlined here, and you can rise above the competition to enjoy a rewarding and profitable role as a roofing contractor.

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