How to control Early Ejaculation Naturally?

How to control Early Ejaculation Naturally

As already mentioned, many natural supplements are available on the market today, but in addition to them, there are other ways to control premature ejaculation naturally.

They are usually offered in capsule form and are very practical to use. In this way, they work by improving the body’s health as a whole, but acting especially on sexual function, enhancing its performance.

This supplement can help you have more powerful and longer erections and increase your penis size by a few centimeters.

However, for this, it is essential always to research the product thoroughly, see testimonials, and get to know it in depth to make sure it is efficient.

Best of all, those who are excellent offer a guarantee of satisfaction and do not cause side effects because they are entirely natural.

What Is Premature Ejaculation? And How to Treat It?

For those who do not know, premature ejaculation is nothing more than the inability to hold ejaculation for longer, that is, when ejaculation occurs earlier than expected during sexual intercourse.

This can happen from time to time and is considered normal, not a cause for concern.

However, when the problem becomes recurrent, care is needed, and it is essential to go to a doctor to assess the problem.

According to data from the International Society of Sexual Medicine, premature ejaculation is almost always characterized by occurring in less than 1 minute after vaginal penetration.

It is also worth remembering that premature ejaculation can be considered when the man starts to ejaculate in less time than it occurred, usually between 3 to 6 minutes or less.

However, if this is your case, there is no need to worry, as it is a very common and simple problem, affecting about 1 in 3 men.

If you are interested in learning more about this problem, keep reading and find out everything you need to know.

Recommended Product to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Suppose you are suffering from premature ejaculation and can no longer satisfy your woman in bed because you come very quickly. In that case, we recommend that you use the Aurogra 100 and Suhagra 100 product from HimsEDPills Online Pharmacy, in addition to this product being the most effective on the market, it has immediate effect. It has no type of contraindication as it is a 100% natural product.

What are the Treatment for early ejaculation?

There is a wide variety of treatments for premature ejaculation, and they range from sex therapy to the use of some drugs or the combination of them.

For this, it is always exciting to talk to a doctor to analyze each case individually and determine the best option. Among the treatment options for premature ejaculation, we have the following:

Use of oral medicines

Some medications used to treat sexual impotence, such as tadalafil (Cialis) or sildenafil (Viagra), can help treat premature ejaculation, mainly when used in conjunction with antidepressants. . Tadalista 40, Caverta100 and Actilis etc. are best Medication for ED.

However, the side effects can be quite unpleasant, in addition to losing the impact over time.

Likely, the doctor does not prescribe any medication before taking a careful sexual anamnesis, so that it is possible to reach, in fact, the diagnosis of premature ejaculation For example, Dapoxetine is used in many countries in the treatment of primary and secondary premature ejaculation, a drug in the fluoxetine family, which inhibits serotonin reuptake.


Many activities can be used in a complementary way to treat premature ejaculation, such as exercises and methods.

First, we have the start and stop method. To do this, you must stimulate the penis until it comes close to the moment of orgasm and then finishes the stimulus until the sensation passes. Repeat this for another 3 or 4 times.

The squeeze technique also works very similarly to the previous one. To do this, you must squeeze the head of the penis as soon as you feel that the orgasm is coming, holding it until the erection is lost. Then, repeat the process a few times before finally ejaculating.

It is also possible to opt for penile exercises to strengthen the muscles of the penis and use condoms to decrease sensitivity.

Therapy is also an excellent way to treat premature ejaculation, since it is often related to psychological issues, such as anxiety.


Nobody wants sex to end quickly, is it, after all, it is a time to be enjoyed without haste.

For this, it is possible to follow some exclusive tips that will teach you how to not come fast, such as:

Train beforehand: Good advice for not suffering from premature ejaculation is to practice masturbation when possible. It is like training, in which it takes frequency to have good results.

Exercise the PC muscle: this muscle is significant when it comes to sexuality. It is essential to make it stronger to have more control over the moment of your ejaculation. To make this, contract and relax this muscle, or contain it when you are urinating.

Avoid thinking bad things: many people teach how to think bad things during sex to distract from pleasure, but this is not good and causes the brain to lose its stimulus, leading to sexual impotence.

Start with less stimulating positions: it is common to have a situation that makes you more excited, so don’t start with it. Always choose to begin in areas that are less visually stimulating.


Many natural supplements are currently sold to help treat premature ejaculation and sexual impotence.

The best thing is that these products work to improve the body’s health as a whole, making it possible to last longer in sexual intercourse and have a much better performance.


The best way to prevent premature ejaculation is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region and to have a life with healthier habits.

However, the highest and best resource is the practice of exercises that can strengthen the PC muscle, which helps to give much more control over the moment of ejaculation.

So, try to put into practice some of the exercises that have already been taught previously. Without a doubt, this is the best way to train to perform well at the time of intercourse.


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