How to get a low-cost smart TV? Read on!

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Smart TVs have become an essential part of the entertainment world. The recent and new-found popularity for smart TVs is not limited to their bigger screen and better video quality promise. The viewers shift to OTT platforms is also a major contributing factor. 

Earlier, a regular TV would work for watching network shows with a DTH connection. It does now too. But, regular TV can’t cater to the needs of viewers who want something more than network shows, sports channel, and daily news. That’s when viewers like us turn to OTT platforms. These online video streaming services have abundant content for viewers to enjoy. Moreover, due to the pandemic, the OTT platforms are also preferred by the production houses to release new movies and content regularly.  

With such good content out there, the audience wants to enjoy it on a bigger screen with a better video quality. Unfortunately, your regular TV doesn’t fit that description. That’s what makes smart TVs more relevant than ever.

Smart TVs: A good investment or not?

First let’s address why a smart TV is considered an investment. Smart TVs with their smart features and bigger screen are not cheap as a regular TV. They are generally expensive. For brands which do offer low-cost smart TV, you will have to compromise on the video and audio quality. 

Moreover, whenever we talk about electronics, brand value really matters. You cannot buy a smart TV of a brand which just launched at a lower price. The better way is to go for an already established brand even if the price is on the higher side. 

So, it really depends on you how to make your smart TV a good investment.

How to get a low-cost smart TV?

There are 2 ways to get a low-cost smart TV.

  • Buy smart TVs with 32 inches screen or 43 inches screen. Anything more will be of higher price.
  • Go for brands which are new to the smart TV market but are already established in other electronics market like Mi, OnePlus, etc.

Here is a small list of low-cost smart TVs which you can buy either by paying upfront or in EMIs. 

Low-Cost Budget smart TVs in India 2022

The list includes smart TVs under Rs. 30,000. Please note these prices change regularly. 

  • Mi LED TV 4A PRO 32-inches – Rs. 14,999
  • Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV – Rs. 19,899
  • OnePlus 43-inch Y-Series Full-HD LED Smart Android TV – Rs. 24, 999
  • Redmi 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV X43 | L43R7-7AIN – Rs. 25,999
  • OnePlus 32-inch-Y-Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV (32Y1) – Rs. 14,999

The above-mentioned brands are just an example. You can check out more series released by these brands and more online. It is always advised to go check out the product in a physical store near you to understand the video and audio quality. 

If you still think investment in a smart TV is not worth it, you can go for a much more affordable option – Android Box. 

Alternate option – Android Box

An android box helps you to stream OTT channels on your regular TV along with a DTH connection. These android boxes offer HDMI ports, built-in Chromecast, ethernet port, and basically the ability to make your regular TV smart. 

Brands like Airtel, Mi, and others offer android boxes at affordable prices. Currently, Airtel Xstream Box is the cheapest option for you at Rs. 2,000 only. You can also choose your monthly DTH plan with the Xtsream plan. These DTH plans have many free DTH channels. 

Analyse your needs and choose an option which makes sense to you. Good Luck!


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