Huawei’s best freebuds collection for their users:

Huawei free buds

Huawei is a well-known brand in the world of technology. It develops, manufactures, and distributes telecommunications and consumer electronics products. They have jumped into the growing craze of earbuds and wireless hands-free era with their offering of Huawei Freebuds.

The debut of the amazing Huawei Freebuds 14 2020

They made the debut of Huawei Freebuds in 2018. They have launched several newer models of the Huawei Freebuds with new functionalities and newer cool-looking designs. Some of the most recent Huawei free buds models are listed below.

  • Huawei freebuds 2
  • Huawei freebuds 3
  • Huawei freebuds 3i
  • Huawei freebuds 4i
  • Huawei freebuds pro 

The Huawei FreeBuds were fantastic earphones. They’ve been performing admirably since day one and have even weathered a couple of dips. That being stated, the newest FreeBuds earbuds are here to supersede the earlier FreeBuds versions immediately. Spoiler alert: they’re a significant improvement in virtually every regard.

I’m happy that Huawei didn’t move far away from what the earlier FreeBuds offered. Some of you may not appreciate this open-ear design without a silicone seal, yet that’s precisely what many people yearn for in a set of earbuds. 

We can talk to people while they’re in my ears without an issue, which is not the case with sealed earphones unless they provide special equipment and use their microphones in the process. All you need to do with them is pause the music, and that’s all. We’ll discuss more of this in the article itself. 

So, let’s start.

What are the things that make a consumer buy the Latest Huawei free buds?

Well, let’s start with what’s good with newer Huawei free buds. In the more recent models of the Huawei free buds, we get the following excellent features:

  • Small & light recharging case
  • Friendly build
  • Quick charging
  • Fantastic, well-balanced sound
  • Audio quality is highly excellent
  • Useful motion controls

These incredible ergonomics make a promising impact on the consumer’s mind to make them buy the Latest Huawei free buds.

But what are some downsides of the Latest Huawei free buds?

Well with advantages products have minor disadvantages too. In the latest Huawei free buds, we have no to few cons that are discussed below:

  • The most recent Huawei Freebuds are made of gleaming plastic.
  • There is no wireless charging available. 

These may not look like a great deal to many consumers, but for some, these are a must too, so Huawei should consider improving these cons of their latest free buds in the upcoming free buds.

IPX4 rating approved 

When it comes to design, it’s also worth mentioning that these earphones are IPX4 certified for water and dust protection. It is also worth mentioning that these open-ear earbuds do not suit all ears because they lack a silicone seal. They fit me wonderfully, and I adore them, but that may not be the case for you.

So, before you buy these earphones, it would be a good idea to test a similar set first.

The remarkable feature of the dual Bluetooth connection 

The option to connect the Latest FreeBuds to two devices at the same time is an added advantage. This differs from connecting them with multiple devices in that you may connect these earphones to both a laptop and your phone at the same time.

You can’t hear audio from both at the same time. Still, the buds can immediately switch between the two, so if your phone calls, you don’t have to faff around removing the Huawei FreeBuds from Bluetooth on your laptop first: the call takes precedence over audio from the computer.

Pinch and slide gesture control in Latest Huawei Freebuds

Due to the unreliable feature of touch to talk in older air pods, Huawei introduced a newer gesture control called PinchPinch and slide that works like PinchPinch the stalk to play or pause, then pinch and hold for a few seconds to cycle between the ANC modes selected in the companion app.

You may deactivate the ‘off’ option to pinch and press switches between fluid ANC and awareness mode, for example. And for most users, this configuration will make the most sense, as having an ‘off’ option serves no purpose other than to conserve a little battery life.

This is due to the silicone tips forming a seal in your ear canal, which filters out a lot of noise in the absence of ANC. The mediums are in place, and you may use tiny or big tips as necessary. You can test the fit in the app, and it will play a brief clip of music and utilize the microphones to determine whether or not it is a good seal.


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